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What to Expect at the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo: Books, Cookies & Dinosaurs

celiac disease foundation expoOkay, at least one of those things. And me! Me! I’ll be up in Pasadena this weekend at the CDF Conference and big ass gluten-free expo selling my books to the FIRST PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Whoo-hooo! So line up, celiacs. But don’t expect cookies or dinosaurs. That was totally false advertising to lure you in. Not unlike when you flip through the Anthropolgie catalog and you’re all, “If I bought that blouse, I could swing in a hammock overlooking a rain forest!” Just books.

Although I’m guessing you’ll get your fill of gluten-free goodies up in the expo. These gluten-free cookies? These are King Arthur’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix that my husband whipped up to provide my girl with a gluten-free cookie for a field trip. Sure they were delicious, but something is a little funny here in the court of King Arthur. You see, you have to provide your own chocolate chips. Luckily, we always have chocolate chips in my house so we were cool. It just seemed a bit, I don’t know, odd. I conveniently missed the note on the box of the gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix that said, “make it special with your add-ins” and then took a second look and realized it actually said “gluten-free cookie mix.” Sorry, I was just distracted by that delicious looking chocolate chip cookie on the box. Don’t be fooled fellow gluten-freers! And bring your own add-ins.

Do you know one very special thing I AM bringing with me to the expo (besides, of course Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes, & Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free)?

gluten-free kidThat’s right, the GF Kid. Since my 7-year-old still doesn’t know how to pronounce “bitch” by looking at my book, and thinks that “bitch” means “enemy” I’m cool with having her help me sell some books. Also, she’s heard about the free cookie samples around the expo, so I couldn’t keep her away if I tried.

So come on by! Pick up your book, get it before everyone else. Say hi! And if you’re one of the first—hmmmm, 30 maybe, I have to count to be sure—you will get this free button with book purchase –

gluten is my bitch

Except it won’t be blurry. See you in Pasadena. Who’s in?

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