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Gluten Is My Bitch Button is Back & It’s a GIVEAWAY

gluten is my bitch buttonsYep. I got more of these bad boys. My publisher and I thought it was especially necessary since oh, about a zillion of you fine people FREAKED OUT at the Celiac Disease Foundation conference this weekend and demanded more “F*ck Flour” buttons. I believe I heard a chant near the Glutino booth at one point.

Now, I don’t know exactly how many I’m getting but they are on their way. So here’s what you do to get your own.

The first, let’s say 35, of you who take a picture of yourself with my book, “Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes, & Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free” and send it to aprilhatesgluten@gmail.com will get a button. Plus, one wild card for most creative entry—with, or without my book—that does NOT involve nudity. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling. Then, nudity required. BTW, it’s a testament to you, my audience, that I feel the need to explain “no nudity.” You guys are cra-zy.

By the way, here’s some super rad press I’ve gotten that I heart.

The Huffington Post – Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Gluten-Free

Girl’s Gone Child – (with giveaway!) When Gluten Is Your Bitch Eat (Hazelnut Chocolate) Cake + Giveaway!

Inside Out – (with giveaway!) Gluten Is My Bitch . . . With Giveaway!

Mom.Me – How to Keep Your Kid Cool & Gluten-Free

The Stir – 14 Things You Didn’t Know Had Gluten In Them

Glo – Anti-Bread Winner

Blinded By The Bite – Gluten Free Humorous Rants & Raves

Cupcakes Take the Cake – Recipe for Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cone Cupcake

GFree & Happy –  Kathy is just awesome, and said she mentioned my book. I haven’t had a chance to look, cuz’ shit is crazy, but her videos are always worth a watch whether she mentions my name or not. Love her.

Generation G Books – (she gave me a 4 out of 5, if I’d sent her a button I bet I would have gotten a 5)

image via tumblr/Abrams

18 thoughts on “Gluten Is My Bitch Button is Back & It’s a GIVEAWAY

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  6. I bought a book for my newly-gluten-free friend. she’s sassy as all get out, too. I would LOVE to get a button for her, too. can I buy one (or more) somewhere?

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