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Good News for the GF Kid + Amazing Secret Recipe

gluten free kidWell, lots of good news. First, my the GF kid does not have to be gf anymore! Unless, of course, she’s eating in my house. Do you see how happy she is? It’s almost like she was at Disneyland. (Ed note: She was totally at Disneyland)

So here’s the thing. Back when I was all, holy f&*k my kid is a celiac, it turns out that blood test was a false positive. The endoscopy shows all clear, and the biopsy the same. This is great news. It does not mean that I won’t always be looking over her shoulder for gluten (and the same goes for her tiny brother), but for now I’m going to try really, really, hard to act like she’s 100%. I wonder if you have this problem too.

Even with the blood test and the endoscopy, I’m scared for my girl. It does not help that she looks like me, she does—on occasion—talk like me, and tears through chapter books like me. Wait. I mean, when I was a kid. I can totally read more than chapter books now, you guys. So I’m trying to be only excited, and not excited + worried. I’d love to just put this all behind me. Which is why we’re going to go ahead and do that genetic test. Until then, I reserve the right to worry about my kids. I mean, duh.

But there’s more good news! I’m going to teach you guys how to make a Wendy’s Frosty in your own damn home. You know why? Going to Wendy’s is going to make you very sad if you can’t eat a cheeseburger. Also, YOU CAN MAKE FROSTYS IN YOUR OWN HOME. Like this one, right here.

gluten free wendy's

Even though I just touted this as an “amazing secret recipe” everyone on Pinterest has been all, “Here’s how to make a Frosty!” and “Hey dummy, it’s super easy to make a Frosty.” And you know what, I have always wondered what was in a Frosty. It’s like chocolate, but not quite. But it is. Is it a mix? Why so creamy?

The mystery is solved. Hey! Here’s how you make a gluten-free Frosty because you do NOT want to go to Wendy’s.

P.S. Frosty’s are already gluten-free. Anyhoo.

Gluten-Free Wendy’s Frosty


1 pint chocolate milk
14 oz. condensed sweetened milk

1. Prefreeze your ice cream bowl in the maker for at least 24 hours. If you do not do this, it will not work. Believe me, I tried. I TRIED. So, 24 hours in the freezer, people.

2. 24+ hours later. Mix milks together in a bowl until completely combined.

3. Turn on your ice cream maker and let it run for a minute before you pour the mixture into the ice cream maker. Let it run for 25 minutes, or unti it looks like a Frosty.

4. Serve it up and drink it fast because it will melt. Still, delicious.

Makes: 4 servings

6 thoughts on “Good News for the GF Kid + Amazing Secret Recipe

  1. Was your daughter was eating gluten prior to the endoscopy? I believe you need 3 weeks to one month of eating gluten before the endoscopy-if she was gluten-free up until then, then the endoscopy would show a healed intestine.

  2. I’m curious what your daughter’s #’s were and the reference ranges on that serology but, yeah, don’t share here necessarily. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but there are rarely “false positives” with the celiac serology and if it truly is a false positive, it means something else is causing high levels of antibodies, usually some other AI. This is not info for you to freak out on, this is just info for you to be informed. Look here particularly to the tTg and EMA tests info pretty close to the top: http://forum.gfnavigator.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=18 As a parent, you should be informed as to what you might be keeping an eye out for or at least be aware of. If she has a positive EMA blood test, you might want to look at this too, from Finland where they are way more on top of the diagnostic shit than the USA: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22654448 (remember, I’m one of those annoying “Educate All The Peoples!” types…)

    • We’re still running more tests. I hate to do it to her, but I would also hate for her to be damaged by that asshole gluten. I feel like I got so lucky to be diagnosed so quickly, that I’m going to have to trudge through with my mom and my daughter, since their cases are not so clear-cut. And maybe not a case at all, in my daughter’s situation. ARGH.

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