Help for Food Allergy Families in Moore, Oklahoma

To help those in OK that need allergen-free food.

Our hearts go out to all of the victims of the May 20, 2013 tornado, which has devastated the city of Moore, Oklahoma. In the aftermath of this disaster, families managing food allergies are in need of your help. Many in the food allergy community have mobilized to help send food donations for those with food allergies and special dietary needs.

FARE has spoken with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, which has a need for allergy-friendly, shelf-stable food that can be eaten with little preparation. If you are interested in donating food, please send your donation to the food bank at the address below, and label your package “Moore Tornado disaster food allergy food” or “Moore Tornado disaster gluten-free food” on the outside:

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
3355 S. Purdue
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

The greatest need is for the following items:

  • Peanut butter replacements
  • Shelf stable…

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