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Gluten-Free Homemade Pizza with Thomas Keller

gluten-free pizza thomas keller

Complete with grease! YUM

Yes, I do like to pretend that I dine on the regular with Thomas Keller. When in fact, I just try every single one of the gluten-free flour blends that are associated with him (even though it is actually some rad lady who works in his family of restaurants that invented it). So I picked up the latest from Cup4Cup—the pizza crust! So. Damn. Easy.

So easy, in fact, I’m kind of regretting not going crazy on the toppings and instead playing it safe with the standard mozzarella and pepperoni. You can bet in the future I’ll be all arugala and proscuitto and some kind of white cheese truffle situation, because I CAN MAKE GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA, you guys. In my own home. In my own oven. In like, no time.

Yep, feeling pretty pizza-rific today. Thanks TK & Co. So here’s why it rocks so hard.

1. All you need is water, one egg, and olive oil. You mix, knead, roll, and go.

2. It makes two 12 inch pizzas per mix, so you can throw a ball in the fridge and have pizza multiple times per week.

3. It’s so easy to roll out and you don’t have to add more dry ingredients to keep it from sticking all over the place.

4. It takes like 20 minutes from start to finish.

5. I now feel vastly superior to everyone else in my house. What with my mad pizza making skillz.

I made a pizza by myself. All by myself. You can too! Or you can call your local joint because, seriously, who ISN’T making gluten-free pizza these days? Really.

5 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Homemade Pizza with Thomas Keller

  1. Cup 4 Cup is the bomb. Not as nutritious as other concoctions I’m sure, but it’s so quick and easy and gives *consistent results*. Love it.

  2. Ok gotta try this. We’re having a pizza problem here because my kid hasn’t loved any of the homemade GF crust recipes I’ve tried (ok fine, ONE, but hey it’s a lot of work!) and so sadly we’ve been pizza-less here (I don’t count Udi’s frozen crusts as pizza though I’m super glad they exist, hello birthday parties). Thx for this review, I will def give it a shot. If my kid doesn’t like this then I can just give up, right?

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