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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Laurel Hardware

gluten free laurel hardwareI just can’t stay away from the super hip restaurants. I feel like I’m somehow missing out on what everyone else is doing, and given that whole gluten thing already puts me in the uncool corner, I’M GONNA’ OWN THESE JOINTS. Or rather, go in and pray that I won’t leave in a hot run before I collapse in a pile of poop. You totally want to go out to eat with me now, don’t you?

So I went with my husband to Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood since he’s already seen me pull that one, and as you can tell the cocktail above made it clear that we were in hot joint city. That’s a “Saints Day” my friends, which is a gin drink with St. Germain, hell fire bitters, topped with a red bell pepper. Yes, awesome. But wait! There’s small plates!

gluten free laurel hardwareCheck out this combo of pork ribs alongside hamachi with blood oranges and fava beans.

gluten-free los angelesAnd this does not look as good as it tastes, but DAMN. It’s so good that’s why there’s a swipe out of it before I could take a shot. This is the one thing you must order if you find yourself in Laurel Hardware. It’s called Lollipop Sprouts, which is avocado, kale, pumpkin seeds and a house made ranch dressing.

These dishes are clean as is, but there was a very knowledgeable waitress who made sure any gluten stayed away from my stomach. And the first time I dined at the LH with friends, our waiter actually was the child of a celiac so he was also 100% safe. Now, let’s talk dessert.

gluten-free los angelesThis is the most amazing dessert, and if you remove the granola topping it’s gluten-free. Look at that beautiful butterscotch with malden salt and caramel. I hoovered it up. HOOVERED.

By far this was one of the best meals I’ve had out, and one where I did not get sick after someone promised no gluten. I’m basically going to keep going back because did you see that butterscotch business??? So when you’re in the WeHo and you wander by a hardware store and then take another look and realize it’s actually a super cool restaurant, wander on in and chow down.

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