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Who Has the Best Gluten-Free Blog Readers? I DO

gluten is my bitch tourDo you know what is super fun? Traveling. Do you know what is super funner? Traveling and meeting awesome people. And even super duper funner? Traveling, meeting awesome people, and not getting gluten’d. I did two of those things!

You guys, I’ve been doing some road warrior’ing and every city I’ve hit with my books and my buttons I’ve had the incredible pleasure of meeting you all. See those ladies there? Those are the Duggan Sisters who came out to meet me not only in Chicago, but on MARY’S 60th Birthday! Or, around then. Sounds impressive, so I’m just going with it. But honestly, I can’t even with these Duggan Sisters. In fact, I’m a little bit obsessed with Mary, Clare & Annie who gave me an all-natural deodorant sample and I plan on testing it out on the hottest day in LA. If you don’t know these ladies, please meet them. And plan on smelling my pits when the mercury hits around 105.

Also in Chicago was the hi-lar-ious Mel of Geekily Gluten Free who took the most inappropriate, yet awesome photo with me. Let’s just say if you’re a thigh guy, this is your thing. I hope she busts it out any day now, and unedited. Not to mention Rockin Gluten-Free, aka, Andrea who has the most lovely face that I stared into as I was all, “Hey, I’m talking in front of people! There’s someone nice.” And then someone drew an amazing cartoon of me. I’M IN A GRAPHIC NOVEL. Well, one strip. On a tumblr. That is awesome. She is Sunny Sez, and super talented.

gluten is my bitch tourAnd in Austin, oh, Austin. I was so lucky to be surrounded by family, not to mention old and good friends and then suddenly new friends. Oh, here’s one –

gluten-free book tourThat’s Angela, she’s rad. She also does Celiac Hashi Girl and she’s sporting some fine gluten-free wear from Celiac and the Beast. Which is also super rad.

Not to ever, ever, forget the West Coast from whence I’m travelling, can we just talk about this amazing collage?

gluten-free book tourWe can? Great. This is TJ from Fuck Off Gluten! because, of course.

You guys, this is so much fun. I hope to continue the super duper good times up the West Coast. I’m hitting San Francisco on June 24th at 12:30 at Book Passage. FUN. Then up to the Widmer Brothers Brewery in Portland, Oregon on June 27th for a super duper party at 5:30 (more info to come!). And I’ll be busking at stops along the way. Come out! Let’s take photos, hopefully offensive ones. Offensive ones to GLUTEN.

I heart you guys. I heart you all.

12 thoughts on “Who Has the Best Gluten-Free Blog Readers? I DO

    • Oh! And the fabulous Betsy, Betsy, Betsy! SO many super cool people in Chicago (and elsewhere, but you guys kind of rocked it). Wear the button with pride.

  1. “I can’t even …. with” the Sisters?! 🙂 Well, we loved meeting you, too! And yes it was Mary’s 60th Birthday weekend and unwrapping your book and meeting you was absolute part of the birthday party plan! Thanks for spreading the word about lifestinks deodorant made by 3 South Side Sisters who are passionate about health and natural healing!

    Don’t hesitate to get started. It holds up to the biggest stinkers and the hottest locales. Heck it is 90 and HUMID in Chicago right now. Less is more, just a bit will do it. Of all our wonderful customer videos, we always crack up with these cute girlfriends doing the end of day pit check. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FVXYGVzALY&feature=share&list=PLD1B82AC2CF8B476F

    And then, ma’am – we’d love to add your LA version to our love gallery! Big hugs.

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  3. I think the sisters were right behind us, we just did not know them! I wish I had known who they were so I could have said “Hey!” Added bonus to April, I have posted the picture on my blog.

  4. I have been soooo busy the past few weeks that I haven’t even blogged myself in forever! Just saw this! Loved meeting you April…you rock the shiz outta gluten free! The book is so funny, and my aunt loved it too! Thanks again 🙂

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  6. Thanks SO much, April for the sweet mention in your post and I am SO SO sorry it took me forever and a day to see your post. Was on a road trip the second half of June with my son then another one over the 4th of July weekend so I am just now getting caught up on things. Was great seeing you again! I wish I was able to stay after to chat but had to rush up north to get my son to his final Improv class of the season, had about an hour drive. Hopefully one day I can get that awesome button too! You ROCK!

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