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Gluten-Free Father’s Day Whether He Wants it or Not

gluten-free father's dayLet’s face it, my husband is forced into a diet not of his choosing, and certainly not out of necessity. It seems to be a common thing in super supportive partners as I’ve met many of you all and your special friends who also go g-free. NICE.

So it’s only fitting that on Father’s Day I honor the dude who eats gluten-free pizza with glee, with a few of his favorite gluten-free dishes. Maybe the dad in your life will enjoy this biz as well! Try it, he’ll like it! Or at least pretend to, because he loves YOU. Win/Win.

gluten-free birthday cakeGluten-Free Honeybun Cake

I literally make this every time I want to celebrate that guy. He loves it, it’s amazing, and everyone is happy. Especially because it’s so dang easy. Cinnamon-y, icing, deliciousness will make his freaking day.

Gluten-Free Pulled Pork

Winner, winner, pork-y dinner! Another fave in our house, I nicked this recipe from Artisanal Gluten-Free—an amazing book when you’re feeling like fancy dinner tonight.

gluten-free beerGluten-Free Beer

I can’t tell you how exciting it is that we now have so many different gluten-free beer options. Of course, my husband isn’t gluten-free, so he may or may not pick up his own IPA. But if yours is gluten-free, please do try out some of these new fab beers on the market. It’s getting exciting in here!

Gluten-Free Make Out Session

And so if you and your partner both stick to the gluten-free rules on Father’s Day, feel free to make out with abandon. You’re welcome.

What are you eating/cooking for Father’s Day?

10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Father’s Day Whether He Wants it or Not

  1. You know, that Omission Pale Ale is DELICIOUS. Before my eosinophilic esophagitis forced me to go 95% gluten free (and definitely beer-free), I was quite a beer aficionado, so of course I was incredibly sad when any time I had even a small bit of beer I would throw up later (it’s a delayed allergic reaction). As great as it is that there are so many GF sorghum-based beers out there, they just aren’t the same. And, I live in San Diego, beer capital. So I was SO EXCITED when I tasted the Omission Pale Ale because I do believe it is one of the best easy-drinking, tastiest beers I’ve ever had, GF or not. Love it.

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  4. You know the gluten free thing is a total farce except for .01% of the population. What are you really promoting? Folks dying due to malnutrition?

    • You know that those of us with celiac disease will die if we don’t go gluten-free, right? So yeah, I’m promoting me not dying. What’s your problem with that, exactly? Wait. I totally don’t care.

    • Yes, 97% undiagnosed equals three million folks dying from the chronicity of malnutrition. Before you dick out on your keyboard, do your research. Landmark multi-state/multi-year study, more than 10K tested, across all demographics (once again) equals 1 in 133 people who tested positive for Celiac Disease. 60 percent of kids had absolutely no symptoms, 40% of adults, and only 35% had the trademark Celiac symptom of diarrhea. If you don’t die of malnutrition, you die from another disease caused by the slow simmering malnutrition (like NO vitamin D), and all you really had to do was get rid of gluten. Do the math, then shut up and do the research. DON’T GET ME STARTED!

  5. As a chef of over twenty years of experience in the food business and having just being diagnosed in the last year. Gary you need to get a clue. We are out there and we are sick from gluten and idiots like you. You go girl!
    Tell it like it is!

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