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So, a Leaky Gut Walks Into a Bar . . .

How cute. I think I can eat!

How cute. I think I can eat!

I’m trying to make a joke out of this. That’s all I got. Sigh.

So I have something to confess. Even though I adore talking about crapping my pants, I’ve always felt like ever since I went off the gluten it was rare that I got really sick. Like, sick, but not really. That, my friends, is bullshit.

Ever since the great Baja Fresh gluten’ing of ’13, I’ve been in a constant state of sick, exhaustion, and more sick. Joints are aching, I feel like napping about every 15 minutes and you know the rest. (See: Crapping). I’m all, “What’s wrong with me??? It must be stress!” And then I sound like all those a-holes who tell celiacs it’s all in your head. So I stopped and thought for a minute as I dragged my ass into week three of being sick, and remembered the last time I got gluten’d and how long that lasted as well. FUDGE. (See how I’m controlling myself?)

I do believe it’s that leaky gut situation I’ve read so much about. The thing that got Jennifer Esposito all out of the business. The thing that always sounds kind of gross and creepy so I never considered the fact that I might have a situation up in my gut. Jaysus. Because basically it’s when you eat something that hurts you (gluten) then your intestines get all wacky and bendy, and start allowing proteins and what-not out into your body and then your immune system is like WTF? The cycle of pain begins. And I’m not exactly sure when it ends. Please tell me it ends.

Okay, people. So I will call my amazing dietician after I get back from the magical mystery tour of San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. But in the meantime, what do I have to do to be a-OK? Please don’t say give up dairy.

Oh, and hey West Coast. Here’s what’s going down if you’re in the area. Come on by, I’ve GOT BUTTONS LEFT and I know how to rally. Oh, I know how to rally.

Come see me in:


Book Passage
Monday, June 24th @12:30pm
Come hear me read, watch me write my name, and grab a button!


Widmer Brothers Brewery
929 North Russell Street
Thursday, June 27 @ 6:00-8:00 pm
Conversation, gluten-free beer, and gluten-free eats thanks to Omission! Party ON.


Cupcake Royale (Capitol Hill location)
1111 East Pike Street
Friday, June 28th @3:00-5:00pm

Come OUT.

34 thoughts on “So, a Leaky Gut Walks Into a Bar . . .

  1. My husband and I will be in Seattle visiting (we live in Ventura County, Ca) and plan on coming to meet you! Cupcakes and coffee it is! Can’t wait.

    I feel you on the leaky gut thing. It’s not pleasant but there are lots of supplements to keep it in check.

  2. My leaky gut conscious friends would tell you bone broth, cooked veggies, and probiotics, including kombucha. If that doesn’t scare you off, check out GAPS. I’m glad they are still my friends as I eat gluten free and call it a day. If I was feeling as crappy as you I’d be looking for more too.

      • The probiotics help HEAL and kill nasty feel bad bacteria. the overload of b vitamins will give you much needed energy. Please do read about ‘die off’ before you overdo it though. It has never been a problem for me, only my ultra crunchy friends. All things in moderation 🙂

  3. When are you coming East? It’s no fair that the West Coast gets freaking everything! Sheesh, we like commiserate our “gluten woes” too! And we NEED buttons!

  4. I feel for you, I’ve got leaky gut, IBS, chronic fatigue, etc – all falling under the blanket of “fibromyalgia” it sucks. I test negative for celiacs but I have 2 gluten sensitivity genes, I react to gluten like a celiac – it is no bueno! If I eat enough of the stuff I get lovely nerve itching in my hands and feet and horrible rashes too. I’ve been told I’m not allergic so I should be able to eat it, yeah right. I have to go grain free to not have symptoms. Good luck and keep us posted!

  5. So sorry to hear this. They say candida, leaky gut and celiac all go hand and hand and create a vicious cycle. There’s even a book out by the same name (stopping the vicious cycle). Speaking of Jennifer Esposito–I have started taking her celiac tea which she sells at her bakery (created by a magical doctor) and I would imagine you could buy it yourself online. You could also consider the supplement versions of the herbs inside the tea. They are devil’s claw (for pain!), marshmellow root (for rebuilding the intestinal lining of the leaky gut!), lemon balm (sooth baby sootheeee), and also slippery elm which will help too. Hope that helps. The devil’s claw is clinically proven to help with pain. I googled it and saw the study from University of MD about it.

  6. Soooo sorry your feeling poopy!! 😦 and as far as the diary thing….well after being gluten free for a year and a half I became allergic to dairy. I mean like POOF all of the sudden…kept eating it cause….well….just cause. Going off gluten sucked enough I guess. It wasn’t until I started haveing food poisoning reactions to it, sick sick sick, that I finally thought, okay already I’m allergic to dairy SHEESH! I get it. Might want to give it a try and just see……..just sayin. 🙂

  7. Ahh, the dreaded crap attack. So very sorry. I can totally empathize! I’ve been de-glutened since ’09 but then last Fall, whoops! there it is. By trial and horrific error I now know that I can’t handle xanthan gum nor ANY artificial sweeteners. I can’t even chew a stick of gum without doing the WC sprint. With dairy it’s repetition- one day fine, two days in a row it’s gastric rebellion. Hope you find the culprit soon and devise truly heinous punishments for the blighter!
    Keep us posted on your book tour- hopefully I’ll catch you one of these days…

      • If the issue is leaky gut, then it’s caused by a systemic overgrowth of Candida yeasts. Consuming yeast and yeast-containing substances (like beer), as well as starchy and/or sugary things is not recommended since it can promote yeast growth. Someone further down mentions adding a lactose digesting enzyme – I would go whole hog and add a multi-enzyme. Your digestive tract may be in rough shape, and in need of some TLC. Enzymes help by breaking down macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbs) into smaller bits so your gut flora can break things down even further, allowing your body to absorb nutrients. A good combo might be enzymes, B complex, and a probiotic. Just make sure your B vitamin has the methylcobalamin form of B12, otherwise it’s useless.

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  9. As if Celiac isn’t enough…. Now after reading your article and all the comments after, things are starting to make a little more sense as to why my general well being feels compromised for so long sometimes, leaky gut… I have no grand advice except positive energy sent your way 🙂 but I hope you feel better. thanks for being so honest. Oh and I am a cheese freak, it would kill me to have to give it up. Vegan cheese is soooo Not for me. Good luck w/ that.

  10. Listen, funny lady! I am gluten AND lactose intolerant, and it’s really, really not so bad. Gluten free sucks, and you have to really stop eating it…Lactose intolerant is like gluten intolerance’s accommodating little sister. You just have to buy lactaid pills and take them with your first bite of dairy. Then you can eat as much cheese as you want! (Take two pills for ice cream sundae.) Very few people (most of whom are babies) have true milk allergies- for the rest of us, you just have to carry the little pills and remember to eat them all the time. It’s no big deal. Ten hundred times easier than being gluten intolerant. So before you worry about leaky gut, get some, and take them at every meal at which you are eating dairy. (Not counting, by the way, Cabot sharp cheddar- how nice is that?) It might well stop the crap circus!

  11. I have found Triphala to be very helpful after being glutened

    Keep up the good work AP, Hope you feel better …

      • Susie, I started taking these probiotics that you recommended here and it has been awesome. Thank you!! The first four days I definitely had “intestinal distress” as my system figured it all out but the past two days have been miracles. What is the FCLO that you recommend? I looked at the Green Pasture website but wasn’t sure what to look for? Gelatin? What do you do with that? Thanks for the tip! I had been taking some other high-tech probiotics but these seem to work much better for me! Also avoiding corn has done wonders, even tho it seems all the GF stuff uses corn instead. But…there ya have it. Whatever works.

      • HI
        So glad to know the probiotics are doing you some good! Yea! Sorry, FCLO, Fermented Cod Liver Oil. That can wait. The Great Lakes Gelatin (green label dissolves in room temp or cold water is easier, I have done both red and green labels) is needed first to heal your gut. Amazon usually has the best price.I did my own post on how it made my cellulite “look” better… http://www.susiereviews.com. (you will be able to add sprouted non-GMO corn back in after healing)

        Time is your friend in this. Hang tight. Happy to share my experience to lessen ones mistakes. Like the ones I made.

      • Thank you, Susie! One last question–with this gelatin–what do I do with it? How often do I eat it? I have no idea where to start. But will totally give it shot. Leaky gut has plagued me for too long. I’m done with it ! Thank you for sharing the info!

      • Hi
        I still take 1 Tbs 2x day…. But I am not a doctor, yada, yada…..let me know if I can answer any other questions.

      • Oh, I see your article here, Susie! One tablespoon 2x a day. And cellulite reduction too. I’m going for it. Have never heard of this before, I’m psyched. Thank you!!

  12. My doctor kept accusing me of eating gluten secretly because my insides were not healing and it looked like I had been main-lining Wonder bread. This went on for a year. Turns out–corn was the culprit. My doctor says that “corn is the new gluten.” Causes inflammation the same way gluten does. I have been off the corn (which was very hard to give up) for 3 weeks and I feel almost human. It’s night and day. I used to drag thru the day and now I pop out of bed, plus I sleep half as much. I don’t know what to do with all this extra time I get to live! It’s awesome. I know you eat a lot of corn (according to your book) soooo…..something to think about…..

  13. My son did a treatment for leaky gut from our dr. It really made a difference. That’s the good part. Hard part . no sugar for 6 weeks. No regular sugar or sugar sub. Except for stevia . He took glutaloemine, b complex, glycine 180, and metagenics-zinlori 75. He said it was the best his stomach has ever felt. He’s 11 so it was pretty amazing he made it without candy he even said it was worth it:)

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