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Dos and Don’ts of Gluten-Free Travel

gluten-free travelI’ve never been so happy to be at the grocery store. I’m back from my travels and the first thing I did was grab a cart and wander around the store gazing lovingly at fresh produce, dairy, the organic meat stuffs, and of course, the gluten-free snack aisle. I might have gone overboard as the cashier said to me, “Why do you have so much food?” Really. He said that. I said I’d been out of town and was stocking up, omitting the fact that I planned on holing up in my kitchen for the next week and eating without fear.

Because even if you plan, use great apps, and pack a load of snacks, traveling while gluten-free is still not easy. But lucky for you I’ve got a handy-dandy list of dos and don’ts! Oh yes I do.


Pack plenty of gluten-free snacks in case you’re starving and there is no gluten-free food in in sight


Leave your chocolate in the car during an intense heat wave that happens to cover the West Coast during your West Coast road trip. Unless you want to have a good cry over melted Dove bars. Which I did.


Know your fast food options when you can’t find any other safe choices.


Say, “Well surely I can have the french fries at McDonald’s.” YOU CAN’T.


Pack non-binding pants/skirts/dresses.


Live in sweatpants, unless you have much higher self-esteem than I do and can rock the grey elastic waist band comfort.


Try the local fare that everyone’s talking about, just be sure to tell the waitstaff/chef/guy at the counter about your issues.


If the local fare is deep-fried everything. (I KNOW.)


Hit the local grocery store when you get to town and buy gluten-free food you can transform into a delicious picnic.


Enjoy that picnic in the middle of a Wildlife Preserve. Because of this –

Hi. I am a bear, and I will eat you with a side of cheese.

Hi. I am a bear, and I will eat you with a side of cheese.

I do hope you all have had a fabulous gluten-free summer thus far. I especially hope you’ve been able to stay healthy and safe while being away from home. Just remember, while french fries are delicious, they will ruin your vacation faster than you can say, “cross-contamination.” Happy trails!

12 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts of Gluten-Free Travel

  1. Great advice. When in doubt, I keep KIND bars in my purse and extras in my luggage. We learned the hard way that can get a tad bitchy when I can’t eat and I’m hungry.

  2. MacDonald’s french fries in Canada are gluten free! I can’t remember if it’s the shared oil or the different ingredients in the US that makes them a no-no.

    • Oh, wow! Well, I always thought in the U.S. they’re fried up with chicken nuggets. And then I found this post, which says they may or may not be, but kind of sort of they are gluten-free. Either way, I wasn’t a fan of McD’s before I went gluten-free, so I don’t plan on testing it out. However. It is good to know that if it’s an emergency french fry situation (it could happen) that I may not get sick from McDonald’s french fries. http://glutenfreehomemaker.com/are-mcdonalds-fries-gluten-free/
      Or I might.

  3. oh i just found your blog today or I would have given you the GF scoop on Seattle. Did you get to the little GF bakery under Pike Place Market? Her madelines are the bomb.

  4. add this: Do feel free to shake down every waiter/chef restaurant person-it’s your right, I used to be scared to ask for GF, but after one really bad glutening, I constantly ask, confirm, readdress and pick at my food

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