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There’s a New Gluten-Free (+ Dairy-Free) Joint in Town

gluten-free restaurants laI would love to apologize for this photo because I was all, “Let’s rip this open and EAT,” after I picked up some bowls of delish at ShopHouse, a brand new Southeast Asian joint that opened in my neighborhood. Didn’t take much time to set up a glossy shot of the rice noodle bowls you’re gazing up on right there.

I miss all areas of Asian food SO MUCH, you guys. I’m lucky to have a go-to sushi place, and P.F. Chang’s can do in a pinch, but my local Thai place has basically told me to go scratch. So when the good people at the Chipotle-related ShopHouse reached out to me and asked me to come on by and try their noodle bowls I was all, “Uh-huh. Nom, nom, nom, nom.”

Not unlike Chipotle, ShopHouse does the no antibiotics meat thing and focuses on fresh ingredients while still bringing you the food fast. You’ve got that familiar assembly line where you can choose rice noodles, or a variety of rice and then add your protein, veggies, sauce, and accoutrements. Sure, that’s cool. But what is a bona fide mind-blower is EVERYTHING IN THE RESTAURANT IS GLUTEN-FREE. Oh, and DAIRY-FREE, if you swing that way. Which I don’t want to, but you know, should.

I also got probably way too excited by ordering a pork and chicken meatball situation because you know, we can’t eat meatballs outside our own home. My husband had the satay chicken, and we both went full on red curry. YUM. I feel super lucky that the Hollywood location is not very far from my house. And the next one to open should be near my work in Santa Monica. Currently the other one is in Washington D.C.

Hopefully the ShopHouse will spread all over the world and when you get that Thai/Indian/Delicious Jones you can head right over. I know I will. I wish every single one of you could too. No joke, gang. I want this for you.

6 thoughts on “There’s a New Gluten-Free (+ Dairy-Free) Joint in Town

  1. This is why I come to this site, thank you so much for the update, I’ve been waiting for them open up in the area.

    BTW the Pei Wei GF sweet and sour chicken is pretty good

  2. hey i just wanted to say thanks! i’m 19 and i was diagnosed with celiacs in march and your blog is a refreshingly hilarious take on everything, my stomach is finnally better and I just tried you roasted kale quinoa egg salad recipe and it was awesome….i was getting nervous i would be doing the same boring salad the rest of my life, anyway keep it up !

  3. I love ShopHouse!!! I hope they open up one in the south valley soon so I don’t have to race down the 101 smelling the amazing food I want to eat in front of TV 😉

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