The Final (?) Word on the GF Kid

gluten-free kidWell here’s some good news/meh news. For those of you tracking my daughter’s awesome “Is she celiac?” journey (and by awesome, I mean totally phhhhhpt), we got the final word yesterday with the results of more tests. The GF kid can eat all the gluten she wants . . . for now. Whoo-hoo?

It is good news, honestly. She is cleared on the celiac front, and since her only symptoms are dark circles under the eyes and being abnormally tired (yes, we are ripping out our allergen-laden carpet) she can totally eat that gluten whenever she’s far away from mom. The bad news? Her genetic test shows she’s at high risk for celiac. Granted, that’s not a huge surprise given that I’ve got the sprue. And honestly, knowing that she’s clear for now as a kid, I feel okay with it. By the time it develops (if it does at all, there’s absolutely a chance that it will not) she’ll know more than the average celiac and be totally okay. So, big WHEW. Big. Have a Ring-Ding, kid. Enjoy it while you can.

6 thoughts on “The Final (?) Word on the GF Kid

  1. Such good news! I have a son that is twenty and having issues. Trying to convince him it may be gluten is not working. He has informed me the two most important things in his life are music and gluten. I wish at your daughter’s age he was aware as your daughter is. She’ll always be open to the idea. But look how content she is with that cupcake!

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  3. So glad! I was super happy to learn that my sister’s dna came out clean. Funnily enough, my dad carries the gene and he has no problem. Crazy how the body works out that way. Hope she can enjoy regular food for a long time!

  4. I am just jumping in here having read nothing but this post so forgive my ignorance on your whole journey, but is there a chance it’s dairy? Had a friend who had dark circles her whole life. She gave up all dairy and they disappeared within a week and haven’t come back.

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