Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Pizza Rev

gluten-free los angelesOne night my husband was doing some work things, or something. I’m not sure but I think he said “work things.” Regardless, he wasn’t going to be at home. Why is this night any different from any other night, you might ask? Because my husband is the responsible one in the family and would be like, we’re making dinner at home and it will be healthy. Naturally, I had to take advantage of the opportunity of his absence and immediately began to plot dinner for me and the kids that was a) not at home, and b) not necessarily so healthy. Yes, I am 12-years-old, why do you ask?

I polled my office mates and one genius pointed me in the direction of Pizza Rev. Have you guys been here yet?

Basically, it’s kind of like the Subway of pizza joints (again, office mate pointed this out) wherein you pick your crust, your sauce, your toppings, all on an assembly line. Only Pizza Rev not only has organic, antibiotic-free, fresh ingredients, they also have gluten-free crust. But it’s not just that they have gluten-free crust. Here’s what happened when I asked for gluten-free crust for not only myself, but also my daughter who still wants to be gluten-free even though she totally does not have to be.

The pizza master behind the counter said, “Preference or allergy?” I almost kissed him. It was also amazing to watch as I explained my daughter’s pizza was gluten-free by preference, but I had celiac. Not only did he change his gloves but my gluten-free crust stayed on a clean tray the entire time, even while being shoved into the wood burning stove. Additionally, I asked for sausage, and they knew the sausage was not gluten-free. I said, hey, how about some prosciutto? They said yes, then stopped when they realized the prosciutto had come into contact with the sausage. A fresh hunk of pig was brought out to be sliced into uncontaminated prosciutto for me. Seriously. That happened.

The really fun thing about Pizza Rev is you can pick your own toppings. You can go for a white pizza, a red sauce, and mix and match until your heart is content. They are all personal-sized, so no one has to go half-and-half, and obviously, you can get your gluten-free on without worrying about what else is happening around you. Super duper cool. Super.

29 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Pizza Rev

  1. This pizza looks delish! I have a hard time finding a good “Gluten-Free” Pizza around me! 😦 I only have ONE good place!

  2. I will say that I did love that they asked if it was preference or an allergy. But as I said on the FB page, we had such a bad experience with flavorless pizza (3 of them-only 1 was GF) that it ruined it for us. Plus, I was a little bummed, I couldn’t do any of the fun combos. I was told I could only have the pepperoni (not sausage, not ham, not chicken, only pepperoni) as it was the only GF meat. But I am glad that it worked out for you guys. Having good places, nearby matters.

    • Hi Kat, Jeff from PizzaRev here. We’re sorry to hear that you weren’t impressed with the pizza. Not trying to change your mind, but we just wanted to let you and the readers know that we have updated our meat selection to include more gluten-free meat options. We now offer the following meat options gluten-free: grilled chicken, Canadian bacon, & crispy bacon.

      • Thanks for taking the time to respond, Jeff. And glad to hear there are now more meat options. I’m not so sure I can get my husband and friends to give you guys another try (I’m not kidding when I said it was flavorless – someone totally messed up when making the sauce or something). But I’ll probably give you guys a try at some point. Hopefully, the Studio City location is much better than the Topanga location where we ate.

    • Hi Gigi, Jeff from PizzaRev here. Our gluten-free crust is completely vegan. It has a rice-flour base, and contains no soy, eggs, dairy, or wheat. Your brother is good to go! 🙂

  3. There is a recipe for homemade pizza that uses cauliflower as the crust. I have not had a chance to try it yet. But my daughter has. And she says it turned out great and was shocked that it worked!! I would be happy to share the link if its ok with April.

  4. Thanks so much for the FYI! The Studio City site is super clsoe to me. I now HAVE to check this place out!! Keep the tips comin’ as I’m super grateful!!!

  5. I did get sick at PizzaRev 3 times at the Studio City location, and the staff at the time was very unknowledgible and rude to me about my questions, and I was told the sausages et al were all ok before finally finding out they were not. Also I question the pesto, but have been ok when I go really, really simple with them. This was all when they first opened, so maybe it is better, but I hate-yelped the hell out of it earlier in the year.

    And they change the gloves, but the wheaty gloves still go into those cheese, meat and veggie bins before and after your clean gloves get a scoop, so I don’t know if ultimately it is as helpful as it could be.

    My jury is still out, it is hard to get a kid with braces to take the allergen ish seriously at any restaurant, no matter how well meaning the owners, because that is who almost got punched by me in StuCity.

    Eg – ask the Native Foods in Culver if they really keep a separate fryer for the items labeled GF on the menu … because the manager Bob’s answer was a shrug, a no, and “corporate labels it, not us, we don’t guarantee it is gluten free even if it says so on the menu.”

    • Wow! I think that just exemplifies the point that you’re only as safe as your server. The dude helping me was great, and I was a-okay. But I’m guessing you’re right about the other thing with the gloves. Didn’t think about that.

      It does suck to get excited about something and have your dreams dashed. I’ve never been to Native Foods, and now I guess I won’t.

      Hayley! You need to stop getting sick eating out at restaurants. It’s making me very sad.

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