Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Messhall & The Greek

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image via Filter

I feel so cool! You guys, I was all, “Oh hey, I’m out at a hip restaurant in Los Feliz and next thing I’m doing is going to The Greek to see The National.” Because, I DID THAT. Sure most of the time I can’t make it through a movie without falling asleep, but I was totally OUT on a SATURDAY NIGHT. And it was awesome.

It surely helped a ton that my meal at Messhall was safe and sound even though we did a prix fixe situation as part of the “Dine and Ride” thing for The Greek. I haven’t done a prix frixe since I was diagnosed, you know, because of the specialness. But I did it! And it was gluten-free! And I can’t stop saying prix fixe! Can you?

gluten-free los angelesThis was the tomato soup. Which  I have not had at a restaurant, again, since my celiac diagnosis. Because soup is harsh since it’s so tricky. But here’s why I went for the tomato soup instead of the Derby wedge (which, incidentally, was also gluten-free) as my starter. My waitress at Messhall has a celiac BFF. Sweet. I LOVE it when that happens. I mean, I hate that someone has celiac, but damn does it make a difference in the safety when you dine out. I felt so secure that I ordered the speciality cocktail called “Roll the Dice” which means the bartender basically makes whatever he/she wants. This was the Army-Navy hanging out next to the tomato soup. So gin, something else delicious, and chartreuse. And gluten-free. YUM.

gluten free los angelesAnd here was my dinner. It was a short rib dish with bacon mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. And, yes, gluten-free. Honestly, it was incredibly amazing and delicious. And The National? Oh to the em gee. I need to head out to the music shows more often. For someone who used to work in the “biz” wow, I do not see enough music. Or eat enough gluten-free short ribs. Or drink enough gluten-free gin. Clearly.

Do you prix-fixe?

8 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Messhall & The Greek

  1. All of this food looks super delicious! I’ve never tried a prix-fixe before, but this definitely makes me want to! Especially when I visit Europe later in my college years, since I’ve heard it’s more common there. As I said, this meal looks sooo good, and I am definitely jealous! 🙂

  2. Since I had to go and add “vegetarian” onto my list of food issues (I know, I know, making the rest of us look picky), I think it’d be the rare restaurant indeed that could accommodate me prix fixe. So we’ll just say that’s why I don’t do it, as opposed to not being able to afford it on my book publishing salary.

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