Gluten-Free Camping Is Such a Bad Idea

gluten-free campingGod help me, I’m going gluten-free camping this weekend. Or rather, for one night this weekend because I did NOT sign on for more than that. Sure it’s going to be awesome to be all up in nature, and to see the kids outside of their urban environment running like wild and getting dirty. And I’ll be sitting in the corner with wipes just waiting to catch them and disinfect them, praying there are no snakes within a 50-mile radius. Wow, good times.

Also, camping during a Whole 30 challenge is going to be interesting. Which is why I loaded up on almond butter, gluten-free chicken sausages, lox, whole food beef sticks, seltzer, and more nuts. Breakfast should be interesting. I do have two Lara Bars for emergencies. Apparently they’re allowed on the  Whole 30, but I’ve never had them before. So I’m guessing they’re, ummmm, plain?

If only I could use some maple syrup or what not, I could do some almond bars with almond butter and what not. Oh, great. Now I’m craving healthy bars on this diet. What’s wrong with me??? I’m camping, I want bars instead of brownies, and I’m thinking about picking up some more fruit for the weekend. What. The. Hell.

Someone save me.

15 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Camping Is Such a Bad Idea

  1. Lara bars are pretty good. They are actually sweet from the dates and have quite a bit of flavor. Some are a little dry, like pecan pie.and cashew cookie
    The Uber are good, very nutty. Really better than a lot of bars out there.

  2. LOL, I go gluten free camping all the time. Bacon and eggs, Potatoes, fruit, for breakfast. Grilled veg and meat for dinner. Lunch could be food bars. Lettuce wraps for lunch? Lara bars are good but I find them too sweet for me. I forget if the Whole30 is grain free but Oatmeal for breakfast with raisins and cinnamon, yum. Have fun!

  3. The only problem with Lara Bars is that they taste like dates. I like dates but all of these bars say they have different flavors. Nope. Dates.

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  5. Watch out for that Justin’s almond butter — I’m pretty sure is has some bad-for-you oils added (soy, maybe?). Artisana makes nut butters that are clean and soy/dairy/gluten/sugar-free and they come in those awesome little packets.

      • Ah, you’re right, palm oil is paleo-ok (www.marksdailyapple.com/palm-oil-nutrition), although it does have some ecological issues in terms of how it’s harvested. My Whole Foods has the Artisana packets right next to the Justins and they have cashew, walnut, and almond, although my favorite are the machines that let you grind fresh almond butter.

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