How to Make Rosh Hashanah Gluten-Free & Whole 30 Compliant

gluten-free rosh hashanah whole L’shana Tova, chosen people! We’re inching up on 5774 and I’ve been wondering how to stick to this diet as I prepare a happy new year feast. I do believe I’m about to nail this, you guys. I will certainly be on the Instagram’ing to show you the way, but in the meantime, I’ve got a plan. In fact, I love this plan so much I think I’ll start doing this on most holidays. Mostly because this plan involves me only making food I can eat. The rest of it? Bring a side dish, suckers! Or rather, revelers who I’m stoked to celebrate with on the holidays.

So what am I making that’s gf and w30? It’s easy.

I’m going brisket, for one. I realize there’s a browning with some gf flour, but I figure some of that unblanched almond flour will do the trick, and keep me in the clear.

Next up, is a big ol’ bowl of sweet potato mash. I already am a huge fan of mashing sweet potatoes with only olive oil, salt, and white pepper. It tastes fresh, and not overpowering if you omit the dairy. I’ve been making it that way and plopping it on polenta “crostini” for awhile. I’ll skip the polenta and make it a delicious side dish.

I have my favorite fall salad that also counts on this whole shin-dig. The butternut squash salad with pine nuts and butter lettuce. BAM. I don’t know about you, but I am full.

My lovely guests are bringing the challah and desserts, and they have the added relief of not having to bring gluten-free baked goods since I’m the only one who is gf! They can cook, or buy, in their own space and I don’t worry about contaminating mine. It’s a win-win-to-the-win.

I’m not sure why I’m so excited about this arrangement for our celebratory dinner this year. It’s odd, actually. Maybe it’s that Whole 30 tiger blood kicking in (thanks LT for that piece of info). Regardless, it’s really freeing to only make naturally gluten-free foods, and then let other people bring the tricky stuff. That way I don’t have to worry that it can pass, and that my guests aren’t horribly disappointed.

Now, I have not yet thought about appetizers, as I usually throw some down some kind of dairy situation. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something super-rific before Friday. Do you guys know of any good apps that are gluten-free and whole 30 positive? Let’s do this.

But first, please enjoy this Rosh Hashanah ditty:

image via YouTube

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