Yep, Still Doing That Whole 30 Thing

whole 30 recipesI’ll be honest. I thought I’d be done by now with this whole 30, gluten-free, diet situation. But my brain is starting to rewire itself and I’m having bad thoughts about gluten-free pizza. Well, not that bad. I will always love you pepperoni, but not ohmygodi’vegottahaveit. I’m also finding myself caught in these moments of zen where I’m all, “Peace, my brother. Have a beef kebab.” Luckily I don’t say that out loud, but I’m thinking it.

Sure I had a moment with gluten-free waffles this week, and this vigilant flossing is getting out of hand, but all-in-all it’s pretty OK. I’ve even dined out! But first, that’s some paleo chili that works on this diet. I steamed some green beans and seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. Voila! Yum to the yum yum dinner is served.

whole 30 breakfast recipeGetting burned out on eggs for breakfast is a thing on this plan, ya’ll. I know you could eat dinner for breakfast, but unless that dinner is a ham and cheese sandwich on gluten-filled rolls in the Netherlands, I’m not really a fan of that business. But, yet again, Everyday Maven came in and helped shake things up. This is a breakfast casserole with broccoli and sausage that is amazoids. It’s kind of crazy—18 egg crazy—but wow, is it good. I substituted regular broccoli instead of broccoli rabe, and I used gluten-free hot Italian pork sausage instead of chicken, and it was the shizzle. Sure, I needed a house full of guests to share it with me, and now I’m tired of it because it makes SO MUCH GOODNESS. But it was fab before I burned out.

Now, check this out.

tomato soup

That is homemade tomato soup using the delish recipe from The Gluten-Free Table by those adorable Lagasse girls. All that’s in this? Tomatoes, basil, garlic, salt, pepper, broth, onions. SO GOOD. I roasted a chicken with coconut oil and vegetables (recipe in GIMB, the book) the night before and had leftovers with this soup the next time. Way to do me a solid, leftover chicken.

While I’m digging all of this cooking (and I did that Rosh Hashanah thing, but it was too crazy to take pictures before all of us chowed down), sometimes you find yourself face-to-face with fast food. I was taking the boy out for some errands and we stopped into Chipotle. You know I love my hard-shelled tacos, people, but this time I went full meat/veggie. With this –

whole 30 chipotleThat’s some carnitas, lettuce, and guacamole. Very filling, very tasty. I would say I didn’t  miss the cheese, but I did, a bit. More than that though? I missed the hard-shell taco. It’s fascinating what I am missing. It seems to come down to non-gluten carbs and sugar. I love that. And here I thought my heart belonged to dairy.

Okay, people! Heading into week #3. Perking up a bit, still having mild headaches, but feeling more chill about it all. Now, who wants a kebab?

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