Let’s Talk About This Rad New Cooking Site

gluten-free cooking classHi gang!

I’m done whining for a second. Well, unless you live with me. And I’m starting to look forward to getting more experimental in the kitchen once I’m done with this Whole 30 biz. Luckily, a brand spanking new website is kicking off to help me with my journey. They’ve even got a gluten-free celiac chef! How much do we love a celiac chef? SO MUCH. Have you seen Feast? See it.

Randomly, a few weeks ago my family was hanging out and decided to check out “Chopped” on The Food Network. First I should say, the kids LOVED it. They rooted for people, and we all did not pick the same chefs. It revealed a lot about our personalities. My 4-year-old was all, “This is my guy,” and would not be moved even if that dude got chopped. But I have to say, that little guy picked the winner more than I did. So maybe our 4-year-old is smarter than the rest of us. Not surprising. I, however, was so excited to see Jaquy Yngvason (p.s., great name) when she announced she was a bad ass celiac chef who was all, “I can make this. Give it.” Pretty cool.

Well now she’s doing gluten-free cooking shows on Feast, and they rock it. Also,  so incredibly inexpensive to get a pro to tell you how to whip it up. Check out her intro –

So I’m excited, you guys. I’ve talked to the folks at Feast and they’ve got a great attitude. Or perhaps, a bad attitude that matches mine. Either way, they’re cool, and they’re trying to get people cooking in an affordable way with professionals who can totally shake up your stovetop. Check them out!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About This Rad New Cooking Site

  1. Yay whole foods! As much as I love GF baking, I look forward to the day when I forgo the crutch of substitute foods and fully embrace eating things that have no glutened analog.

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