Buttons Will Be Your Reward + UC San Diego, I’m Coming For You

gluten is my bitch buttonsHey there gang! Remember these here buttons? Well, a lot of you are still clamoring for them but apparently will not be in San Diego this Thursday at the UC Bookstore at 1 p.m., or at the RAD Gluten-free Oktoberfest in San Diego on October 19th, in San Diego (again, I love me some San Diego), hanging out at Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s book fair in LA on October 22nd,  at Pigment on November 3rd, in Minneapolis on November 12th or in Los Gatos November 14th. If you were, then I’d hand over a button and shake your hand!

Since maybe you’re geographically challenged, I have another deal for you. Just like the last time, if you do that thing where you hold my book (or ebook, or whatevs) and take a picture of yourself with said book, and send it to aprilhatesgluten@gmail.com, I will send you a mother scratchin’ button. You can do it! You can totally move to San Diego, or just take a picture and email it. I have faith in you people.

See you in SoCal! Do you think I can sit on some classes while I’m there? I’m way rusty on my Medieval History.

4 thoughts on “Buttons Will Be Your Reward + UC San Diego, I’m Coming For You

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