I’m Going to Gluten-Free Oktoberfest My Lederhosen Off

gluten-free oktoberfestYes, that was an awkward headline, but I think it kind of says it all. You guys, there’s a mother-scratching gluten-free Oktoberfest in San Diego this Saturday! How much gluten-free beer do you think we can drink before we start saying how much we love each other? Let’s find out! (Cue Oomba Band!)

I’ve been checking out info from one of the organizers and it pretty much looks like we can eat and drink ourselves silly. When is the last time you went to a festival and could EAT AND DRINK EVERY GD THING? Never? I believe that would be never. Also, I’m totally going to be there selling books. Maybe giving some buttons out if you guys can recommend the best beer at the fest. Or find me a kielbasa on an awesome gluten-free bun. I don’t care. If it’s gluten-free I’ll eat, drink, or snort it.

So come on out (see flyer above) and get your gluten-free on. A million other amazing gluten-freers will be there and I can’t wait to shake their drunk hands. See you there!

4 thoughts on “I’m Going to Gluten-Free Oktoberfest My Lederhosen Off

  1. So jealous!!! I am so glad I made it to Oktoberfest last year before learning that I needed to go gluten free. I seriously dream of those enormous soft pretzels. I wonder has anyone stumbled upon a gluten free version? Not to be a pain in the ass or anything, but seriously, kielbasa at Oktoberfest??? Nope…wrong cuisine.

  2. There are 2 things I miss the most and sometimes cry about since going GF…. Real beer and soft, salty pretzels. I used to put hot mustard on those delicious bad boys, maybe dip them in some melted cheddar. Mmmmm! I’m going off to weep in the corner now.
    Oh and I sure wish I could go to that Oktoberfest!

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