Oh Hey, Another Gluten-Free Box + Giveaway! UPDATE!

gluten-free giveaway

UPDATE: Oh hey, there I’m about to pick that winner as soon as this goes live, but I have an update. Apparently I misunderstood the lady at Tasteful Pantry. The giveaway is actually a special holiday box of Mary’s Gone Crackers products. Stay tuned tomorrow for the big winner, plus a discount announcement! Wha-what? A discount you say? Just WAIT.Β 

Hey gang, were you just thinking, “Damn, I need a box of gf delivered to me pronto?” If you were, you should feel very excited to know yet another box is in the ring. And it just happened to save my ass. You see, last week was a rough one. Between my own travel, my husband’s getting way too sick for a mortal man and the general, “Wait, isn’t a work week 40 hours?” our household was a MESS. You know what you need then? Easy peasy gluten-free goods.

So Tasteful Pantry sent me a gluten-free box, like you would get if you subscribed to their service. I got the Plentils, I got the Mary’s, I got the PopCorners, I got the Enjoy Life hook-up. And that’s what happens if you sign on to Tasteful Pantry. You pick your sweet or salty and your deal, and you go to town. Β Because the rad thing about The Tasteful Pantry is they also have soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free boxes. So you can really cover all of your bases here. And the super rad thing? They’re giving away a box to YOU. Yes, probably you. So here’s how you can win a super fun box to help you out each month when you’re all, “OH TO THE EM GEE. WHAT DO I EAT???”

Do this:

‘Like’ Me. No, really, ‘Like’ Me. Then ‘Like’ The Tasteful Pantry. Tell me you did it in comments, and in one week I’ll randomly pick a winner of a holiday box suited to your food needs. Be it gf, df, sf, nf. Because you deserve treats, and you deserve to not have them kill you. Amiright?

51 thoughts on “Oh Hey, Another Gluten-Free Box + Giveaway! UPDATE!

  1. Liked both! Very excited as my current snack box does not offer Gluten Free – since I have made the diet change I have to cancel my other subscription.

  2. <3<3<3
    I had already like your page, but now I liked The Tasteful Pantry as well. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac just over a year ago, and as a teen, she LOVES snacks, lol!
    :0 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  3. I totally ‘like’d you, or I think I did. I’ve never really ‘like’d anyone like I ‘like’d you. Boy, (totally odd number), say ‘like’d enough and it gets really crazy sounding, like, crazy!

  4. I liked you πŸ™‚ Hope i win some gluten free yums! (that was a struggle… because my auto-correct kept changing yums to gums)… Also, I’m reading your book right now, as a newly diagnosed celiac, and I love it!!!

  5. Oh, of course I like you, too! My Facebook name is Rion N Idara.
    I love gluten-free, dairy-free snacks! I just tried Udi’s Ancient Grains Sea Salt snack crackers, they are awesome! Would love to try these.
    Thanks a lot!

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