I Tried the Gluten-Free Stout

gluten-free beerAnd now I’m drunk. Okay, not really, as I shared with my gluten-loving husband. More on what we thought about this one-and-only gluten-free stout that is also not even on the market, later. First, those of you who heard the story of how I came to possess this bottle. Yes, this bottle –

gluten-free beerare probably wondering why in the world I decided to drink it. After all, if someone you just met hands you a bottle of seemingly homemade gluten-free stout and says they just got it from some other guy who makes it, well, probably a good idea to be cautious. But a funny thing happened last weekend.

While I was having my super awesome book event in San Diego at my new favorite store, Pigment, the dude who brewed this up, and his gluten-free girlfriend that inspired his efforts, walked into the store and into my beer-loving heart.

They were nice. He seemed adorable and normal, and even had an owner of a local brewery on hand who had provided clean space for him to do his gluten-free stout thing. And the beer? Well, I’m kind of shocked by the amazing flavor of this gf stout. I just didn’t think a dark beer on this level could be done. I mean, I’m not scientist, but wow. And my husband? He was like, “Ummm, this does not taste gluten-free.” Which I thought too, but hey, I have no IDEA anymore. So way to go, dude. Way to go.

I’m hoping to spread the word and see if someone can’t start brewing this and getting some distribution. ‘Cuz that guy hit the nail on the stout-y head. Also? He did it for love, you guys. LOVE. Rad.

How cool is this?

23 thoughts on “I Tried the Gluten-Free Stout

  1. I haven’t had a dark beer in years. Where did you find gluten free stout?? My husband used to brew this incredible organic stout, until we found out about how sick gluten was making us.

  2. Where oh where can I locate the delicious GF stout of which you speak?! I have been looking for YEARS and haven’t had any luck. I would be forever in your debt if you could give me any clues…

  3. Hi. My boyfriend brews beer and is trying to find recipes for me since I can’t have wheat or oats. Do you have that guy’s contact info or the recipe so he can try to brew it for me? I LOVE stouts (especially Guiness) and I can’t have it anymore, well…because you know.

  4. OK. It’s now June. Is there any more to be said about the gluten free stout? I am GF by choice, my friend is GF by need and we are both REALLY wanting to drink stout again… we are in Sebastopol CA… just a mere plane ride away from San Diego… and I would take that plane ride to find this guy and you and stout! So???? Please let me know… and thanks for this great blog!

  5. Hi! Thank you for this website! I love your fun writing style and positivity! Can you pass my info to the stout brewing guy? I’d love to order some when he gets a batch made! My bestie is gluten free and dying for a thick, hearty, double chocolate stout. I know there are restrictions on production and sales, but I’d love to be in contact with him as he progresses along. He will be rich!

    • Hi Anna! I’ve reached out a few times to let them know there are people jonesing for his beer but have not heard anything! Maybe we should start a kickstarter just for him and his stout.:)

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