Minneapolis, I am SO Gluten-Freeing it Up in Your Town

gluten-free MinneapolisI’m packing my wool socks and my boots and heading to Minneapolis this morning, guys! I have to say, I’m pretty darned excited. Home to The Replacements and Target—both have seen me through two very important life stages— I’m thinking there’s no better creative center in the country than the good old Twin Cities. Sure, it would be nice to visit in the summer, but I was so kindly invited by the St. Paul JCC (actual event at Sabes JCC in Minneapolis) to come and talk gluten-free. I. Can’t. Wait.

So tell me, people of the Midwest, where do I eat? What do I do? I’ll only be there for like 30-some hours, but I’m planning on making the most of it. Mall of America? Yeah, maybe. Skyways? You bet. What else, everyone?

Oh, and come on out and see me!!!! It will be a frozen blast.

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis, I am SO Gluten-Freeing it Up in Your Town

  1. You will love our city!! Easy places to eat GF: Brasa, Birchwood Cafe, Modern Times Cafe (Powderhorn), however almost every restaurant has GF options (Tilia in Linden Hills.. YUM). Turkery burgers with GF bread at Red Cow (50th & France)

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