It’s Gluten-Free Safe to Dine Out Again! Whoo-hooooo!

gluten-free diningOkay, I might have overstated. There is something, however, that I am rootin’-tootin’ excited about. So much so that I just used the phrase “rootin’-tootin’.” You see, there’s this Gluten-Free Chef’s Table Tour going on around the country where the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness is training up chefs so we can eat out without dropping our drawers. I know. Totally noble cause.

Last week they stopped into Los Angeles where superstar Chef Jehangir Mehta not only prepared an amazing gluten-free multi-course dinner for us lucky celiacs, but worked alongside the RockSugar chef (also amazing) Chef Mohan Ismail and fed us WELL. And safely. Did you see that crazy main course above? Do you know what that is? Oh, it’s just Onion Seed Lobster with Shishito Fries, alongside some Vietnamese Duck Curry and some roasted up vegetables. Were you looking for the rice and chutney selection, but close up?

gluten-free diningThere. Bam.

I’m sorry. I should have really started at the beginning, what with the Tapioca Chili Lime Oysters

gluten-free diningAnd the Coconut Chicken Soup

gluten-free diningAnd some kind of amuse my bouche that is I don’t know what, but it was gluten-free, so I ate it –

gluten-free diningI told you I’d stuff anything in my gluten-free pie hole. I will! Except mango. I can’t explain it. But no mango. Which is why the dessert was awesome, even when I ignored that mango and left it all alone on the plate like the dirty fruit that it is. Still, pouring warm coconut cream with vanilla bean over my sticky rice and toasted sesame seeds did a girl right.

gluten-free diningSo sure my dinner was awesomesauce. And yes, I was lucky to be invited. But do you know what’s super cool for all of us? The NFCA is offering a class via the video to ANY restaurant that wants to create a safe dining environment for its gluten-free patrons. Which is why we need to get the word out to our favorite restaurants, and get them all up in the GREAT Kitchens training program. It not only trains the kitchen staff, but the front of the house (those nice people seating you and taking your order), management, and how it all works together to enable us to eat out again without fear. Spread the word? SPREAD THE WORD!

8 thoughts on “It’s Gluten-Free Safe to Dine Out Again! Whoo-hooooo!

  1. Mango is off my menu as well. I never knew why it bothered me until I learned it is related to poison ivy and releases the urishol oil or the like. If you are allergic to poison ivy, then mango can mess up your mouth to your nether regions.

  2. i concur about the mango. it is such a superfood that I felt guilty hating it until I realized that nobody should be forced to eat something that tastes like pencil lead. that super-shizzle can sit its fat tropical a$$ back on the table.

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