Udi’s Can Help You With That Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

udisOr “Friendsgiving” if you will. You see, the good people at Udi’s sent me this load of meal helpers and said, “Hey! Why not invite your friends over for a gluten-free pre-Thanksgiving nosh?” I was all, “You bet!” Then I got bronchitis and told everyone to stay away from our house. So me and the fam just ate it our own damn selves. Still. Friendsgiving, indeed.

Here was the final product:

gluten-free thanksgivingYes, that is a chicken instead of a turkey, but I still used the amazing brine and brine bag Udi’s provided to make the juiciest little bird in the West. Lip smacking good, it was. I always brine my turkey as you can cook it a bit long an it will still be juicy as heck. So you should definitely do that. But let’s start with the apps.

hummusI did that pumpkin hummus thing again because it was so good and festive. This time I added Udi’s Ancient Grain chips to the dipping action to make it even more awesomely gluten-free. It ’twas.

gluten-free stuffingThe stuffing was made extra special with Udi’s gluten-free bagels. Although I was accused of heresy by another gluten-free blogger for using the delicious bagels in such a manner. And I did burn some bagel edges as I got caught up in a Twitter chat, because that’s how I roll, apparently. Still, dang good stuffing and I used my favorite gluten-free recipe subbing Udi’s bagels for cornbread. Yummers.

gluten-free bread puddingFor one amazoids dessert, I converted my maple pumpkin bread pudding recipe into a cinnamon raisin bread pudding recipe by simply using Udi’s cinnamon raisin bread, eliminating the pumpkin puree, and adding an extra 1/4 cup of milk. You can top it with ice cream or not, totally your choice. I say go for it.

Add in mashed potatoes and a chocolate pie and dang, you’ve got yourself a Friendsgiving that will be the envy of all those friends you invite over. Except not so much envy since they’ll be sharing. If you don’t have bronchitis and people want to share with you. Unlike me. Excuse me while I go take a hit from my inhaler.

Happy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving you guys!!!

6 thoughts on “Udi’s Can Help You With That Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

  1. I just toasted udi’s bagels (got ’em on sale for $2.50!) for stuffing today. I put olive oil and braggs’ 24 herbs & spices on them first. I will fix ’em up tomorrow with the broth from our Thanksgiving Cornish hens 🙂

    Eff that gluten!

    Looks good!

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