GIMB Gift Guide: 7 + 1 Awesome Gluten-Free Gifts

gluten-free holiday gift guideSo yeah it’s basically like, “Hey! I Want This!” And I’m just thinking that if you’re a home cook, gluten-free or gluen-filled, or like sharp knives, or junk food, or being awesome you’re going to love this gift guide. The point is, sometimes us gluten-free types need specialized lists, and other times it’s just like, “Doesn’t everyone want a huge wheel of cheese for Christmas/Hanukkah/Thanksgivvikuh?”

Without further delay, here’s the Gluten Is My Bitch Holiday Gift List:

Ninja Pro Blender

gluten-free holiday gift guideWhy does my blender suck so much? It’s like a pretty mid-price range kind of blender. But when I see the Ninja or the Vitamix, I’m like, my blender is a wuss. I also am so down with making my own pesto, sauces, and other fun things to make sure I don’t get gluten’d and you should too. Please get me a better blender. Please. Maybe get yourself one as well.

gluten-free holiday gift guideWusthof Gourmet 7 piece Knife Set

I use knives SO MUCH. I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade if my best one is from IKEA. Not that I’m knocking IKEA. I’d basically live there if they didn’t patrol every night 5, 15, and 30 minutes after closing. Don’t ask me how I know that. Don’t. This knife set rocks my socks.

g free foodie boxG-Free Foodie Gluten-Free Box

There are suddenly a lot of super fun gluten-free monthly subscription boxes. But I have to say I’m really digging the curation of the G-Free Foodie version. She really knows how to pick the best food that just happens to be gluten-free. LOVE.

gluten-free holiday gift guideThe Gluten-Free Table: The Lagasse Girls Share Their Favorite Meals

I may love this book so much because we’re all cajun types, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because these girls have some freaking delicious recipes up in here. I actually already have this amazing book, but I’m recommending it for the rest of you. I literally use it once a week for scrumptious dinner options.

gluten-free holiday gift guideCougar Gold Cheese

A few years ago a relative who also happens to be a Washington State University alum gave us a can of Cougar Gold Cheese. Damn. I mean, DAMN. We got it like once more before this same relative forgot how much we loved it. No one is giving me Cougar Gold Cheese anymore. And now I have a sad. GET IT FOR EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Including me.

gluten-free holiday gift guideCup 4 Cup Set Up

Just do yourself, or the gluten-free giftee on your list a huge favor and buy all of the Cup 4 Cup gluten-free mixes. The regular flour, the pizza mix, the Ad Hoc brownie mixes. Srsly, these people are pros at making gluten-free delicious and easy when you’re baking up a storm. Buy these mixes, and bake the hell out of your bad self.

Living-Without-Issue-Cover-Dec-Jan-2011Living Without Magazine

Recipes, advice (from me!), news in the food issue space—that’s what Living Without is all about. It’s a great read, as well as one of those magazines you keep in your rack for future reference. And, OHMYGOODNESS, they’re offering all of you find readers of GIMB 10% off! Just click on this link (must use a link from me) and use the code holiday. 10% off!

gluten-free holiday gift guideThis Amazing Sweater

I just really want this sweater. I’m pretty sure it’s gluten-free.

5 thoughts on “GIMB Gift Guide: 7 + 1 Awesome Gluten-Free Gifts

  1. I’m also looking to upgrade my kitchen knives. Though that set looks great (no superfluous knives!), I think I’m going to opt for shelling out on an awesome workhorse knife, then filling in with lesser/easily replaced knives. I find myself greedily ogling forged Japanese blades that cost more than everything I own.

    • I was just visiting my brother who has the $1,000+ set of Japanese knives. You know what? Not that sharp. I mean, it’s possible he had not sharpened them in awhile because they did gleam like a mother, but I was not impressed. Still, knives . . . .

      • I’m only just now getting into the habit of honing my knives pretty well every time I use them. They’re still dull as heck, but a straight edge cuts better than a wiggly one.

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