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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free (Well, Except for One Thing) Crispy Cauliflower Pizza

gluten-free dairy-free pizzaSo there was a shout-out on my FB page about a serious need for gluten- and dairy-free pizza. Some might say that taking the gluten and dairy out of a pizza = not a pizza. I am not one of those people. Although, admittedly, I couldn’t quite leave the cheese off the top when I was done. But you can! You, who know the evils of dairy.

I’ve heard of making a pizza crust with cauliflower so much I’m pretty sure everyone is doing it. I decided to try The Lucky Penny’s version of a cauliflower crust because she says it’s the best. I’m not going to stand for just the second best. So that’s what I tried. Of course, her best, best version calls for dairy in the form of Parmesan and mozzarella in the crust. YUMMMMMM. But I know that’s not what you asked for people, so luckily she also has a version that is dairy-free where she subs nutritional yeast and allows the crust to cook longer. So I did that! Now, hold your nose and let’s get started. This is what you start with, and wow does it stink!

gluten-free dairy-free pizza

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of cauliflower. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t smell a little, umm, funky. Especially when being ground into snow in the blender, then microwaved. P-U. How does something that smells so bad taste so good? I don’t know. Go ask the cheese. Here’s what the crust looks like right out of the oven. Mine is a little bit green as I went overboard on the basil. I love me some basil.

gluten-free, dairy-free pizza

You guys, I was so, so tempted to throw in the Parmesan and mozzarella in the crust but I did not. When I got to the toppings, however, I’m weak. I had to put that cheese on top. Of course, you keep this dairy-free by not putting cheese on top. I would go for a pesto if I were you. Or really, any meat topping, maybe avocado, whatever floats your boat.

Bonus round: I wasn’t planning on fooling my kids with this pizza, but yet, I did. THEY ATE THE CAULIFLOWER PIZZA. I still haven’t told them, because I’m planning on whipping this recipe out again. I can’t believe I got to be a sneaky mom without even trying. That’s how you do it, ladies.

Do you guys have a favorite cauliflower pizza recipe? I think The Lucky Penny kinda’ nails it, but I’d love to hear how else you do it.

10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free (Well, Except for One Thing) Crispy Cauliflower Pizza

      • Make sure to save that delicious and nutritious cauliflower water for soup or cooking rice or something! I’m trying to get into the habit of such things, and it’s tricky, but worth it.

      • It’s like a halfway point between vegetable broth and water. I’d use it for a soup, or to add in to a stew base. Not just cauli water – broccoli, carrots, even potatoes. Why throw away a layer of flavour (and nutrients)?
        Then again, I don’t end up with a lot of veggie cooking water, since simmering/steaming is a last-resort cooking method in my kitchen.

  1. I’ve made cauliflower pizza a few times, but sometimes it (or I, rather) just fails (too soft). You seriously have to squeeze the bejeezus out of it. But it does still taste good, and it’s healthier, so still a win.

    I actually have a pizza crust recipe that’s gf and df (and gum free) that I’d love for people to try, if you’re not feelin’ the cauliflower thing 😀 (sorry for the shameless self-plug) http://jcooksglutenfree.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/pizza-crust/

  2. I’ve tried the cauliflower crust twice now, zero success. I guess it was too wet… ?? Dunno. I’ve also tried 17 different mashed cauliflower recipes with no success, so I’m guessing it’s not for me 😀
    I’ll give this recipe a try though, what’s one more? LOL

    • It might not be for you. I’m a huge fan of cauliflower mash, but I honestly appreciate a gluten-free crust with rice flour over the cauli version. But it’s fun to sneak to the kids.

      The bottom line, Cory, (and I think we all know this) is that pizza with gluten, the old-fashioned way, is actually the best. 😦 SO NOT FAIR.

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