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Who Wants to go to Gluten-Free Ireland With Me??????

Gluten Free Ireland Oh, hey. So this is awesome. I’m teaming up with Custom Ireland to blow your minds. Or rather, to host, guide, and wander around a culinary tour through Ireland! And oh yeah, the culinary part is TOTALLY GLUTEN-FREE!!!!! Can I get a, “Hells, yeah?” Or maybe an, “Erin Go Bragh!”

Quite frankly, either would be appropriate in this scenario.

So as we finalize the details, sign up if you’re interested in learning more about this amazing (and safe!!!) adventure that will happen October 1st – 7th of this fine year, 2014. I will give one hint as to what may be happening: Jameson’s Irish Whiskey is gluten-free. Do you want to know more? Click “I want to know more!!!” and you will get all the deets asap.

Come with, it will be a gluten-free ball!

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