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Top 10 Reasons to Go to Ireland with GIMB

Gluten Free Ireland Hi gang! So I’m going to be filling all of you lovely people in about my super fun gluten-free trip to Ireland over the next month’ish. While I can’t wait to regale you of tales of cooking classes, food tours, and all-around good times, first of all I’m going to illustrate for all of you why, exactly, you absolutely must join me in Ireland this October 1st-7th.

Sure, you want a good gluten-free time on vacation without having to constantly worry, “Is this safe? Is that safe? Is that someone making fun of me in the kitchen?” And Custom Ireland and I will certainly be offering this experience up to you in spades. Spades, my friends. But there may be a few things you haven’t thought about yet, but you should.

Here are the top 10 reasons you have to come to Ireland with me:

1. I’ll have all the uncomfortable conversations for you. Yes, even that one.

2. I’ll have gluten-free snacks!

3. I have an insane faux Irish accent.

4. I know where all the good pubs are.

5. I carry probiotics in a cooler.

6. As your official food taster, you’ll be able to watch what happens to me before you even dive into that delicious shepherd’s pie.

7. You guys, we’re staying in a castle, and will be met by a pack of hounds. A PACK OF HOUNDS. (Sadly, hounds standing at attention are for fancy royalty. We will look out of our expansive windows and admire those hounds, from afar. Or maybe we can cuddle one or two. Or 50.*)

8. For an extra $5 I’ll wander around Dublin asking everyone if they know Bono.

9. I’ve already scouted out ALL THE BATHROOMS IN IRELAND. (Or—WC, loo, the Jax)

10. Because I’m going to take you all to the gluten-free version of heaven, aka, the Jameson’s Distillery. Gluten-free shots for all!

I’ve totally convinced you, right? Go here, get information, join me in October!

*Cuddling hounds is not part of the paid itinerary for the GIMB Gluten-Free Ireland Tour.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Go to Ireland with GIMB

  1. I want to go!
    For the last three years I’ve been traveling gf and it’s been sucking in a major and painful way. Sounds so nice to leave the food paranoia/management up to someone else. Look forward to hearing more information about the trip.

    • Yes! For double occupancy it will be $2,820 which includes hotel, transportation while on the tour, a cooking class, a market tour, a Master Class at Jameson’s and multiple meals.

      I’m posting more details every week! But you can also get some more specifics if you click on the link to get more information. It’s going to be a blast! Come!

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