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Oh Boy, I’m Going Gluten-Free Camping

gluten-free campingWhy do I do this to myself? I believe I’ve made it clear that camping and I are not the best terms. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have uttered the words, “Like hell,” when asked if I would ever sleep in a tent outdoors ever again. This camping trip, however, does not involve tents, nor sleeping on the ground. Also, it seems I will be surrounded by food writers. Which as we know, are the best kind of writers. BECAUSE THEY FEED YOU.

Yep, I’m headed to the super rad food writing conference, Camp Blogaway this weekend to hang out in the hot tub with my fellow food writers. (It’s not really camping if there’s a hot tub, right?) And while I am very excited, of course I’m a little nervous as well. I mean, most of all I’m afraid of not having dessert, which is why it’s almost midnight and I’m up finishing off a mega batch of gluten-free Monster Cookies.

I’m all set, guys. Of course I can live on gluten-free Monster Cookies all weekend, I mean, duh. But there are a few things I’m still a bit scared of up there in the mountains and cabins. Shall I do a countdown? Oh, I think I shall.

1) The lack of adequate hand washing options

2) Snakes (I hate those mofos)

3) Outhouses (see #1 & #2)

4) Too much hotness

5) Too much coldness

6) Not enough coffee

7) Leaves acting as toilet paper

8) Raccoons taking my Monster Cookies

So you guys, just gluten-free pray for me I guess. That I come out unscathed from this weekend of gluten-free camping, and with a few new killer recipes to boot. Onward, ho!

6 thoughts on “Oh Boy, I’m Going Gluten-Free Camping

  1. Show ’em how it’s done! Coming up on one year since we met you at Chicago’s Lit Fest! Hope camping exceeds your expectations!!! You’ve got your cookies – the rest should be a snap.

  2. 1. Bring Purell.
    2. I agree, but they eat rats/mice and I hate them MORE.
    3. Outhouses are WAY better than Port-a-Johns.
    4/5. Bring/wear appropriate clothing (aka: pack more than you need.)
    6. Two words; French Press 🙂
    7. BYOTP?
    8. Bring them in tent. Then if you get trapped in your tent as you are surrounded by a snaknado you can sustain yourself with cookies?

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