Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free: Fed Up Challenge, Dudes

Hi guys! I don’t know if you’ve been hearing the buzz about Laurie David’s new movie (and other producers of An Inconvenient Truth) Fed Up.  It’s a documentary that skewers our food industry while pointing out how much freaking sugar is in every damn thing you eat that isn’t a whole food. I’ll admit, as someone who regularly reads labels my first thought was, “I know what I’m doing, and you can’t tell me anything new.” I was wrong.

At my day job we decided to take the “Fed Up Challenge” which is tied to the movie. The challenge is that you don’t eat sugar for 10 days. Since I’ve already tackled the Whole 30, I was all, “It’s a snap.” And admittedly, for what I consume, it is actually easier than the Whole 30.  But as a mom, damn, apparently I’ve been sucking.

The problem is, almost every single bread (gluten-free or no) and cracker, has sugar, honey, molasses, cane juice, or corn syrup as an ingredient. Did you know this? I certainly did not. Which makes packing snacks for my kids really freaking hard. And me, really irritated. And sandwiches? Forget it. I had no idea I was getting sugar with my cheese delivery services.

I did go the store today, however, and found these fab options that have no added sugar and very few ingredients –

sugar free gluten freeI have to say it was even more irritating than the first time I went to Whole Foods and searched for gluten-free options. Because you kind of sort of have an idea about what might have gluten inside. But never did I expect my crackers to be sugar’ish. I will say this about being gluten-free: Our pasta rocks. Most gluten pastas have added sugar, yet when I went into my pantry none of my gluten-free options did. Jovial, Glutino, Tinkyada—none of these gluten-free pastas had added sugar. Yet, I heard from my co-workers that most of their pastas did. So, hey, there’s a win for the GF!

Is anyone else out there doing the Fed Up Challenge? It’s kind of cray.

20 thoughts on “Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free: Fed Up Challenge, Dudes

  1. Wow that sounds intense. I’ve got enough problems avoiding wheat, corn, soy and oats (due to my sister’s allergies) so I won’t be giving up sugar anytime soon haha.

  2. I’ve been gf for about 2 years now and last March I took not only sugar but all added sweeteners out of my diet. It was hell for a couple of weeks, but now I find I don’t miss them. I can actually taste the natural sweetness of foods now, and fruit is a real treat. What’s more, my latest blood test shows that my cholesterol and triglyceride levels have improved dramatically, despite the fact that I’ve eased up on non-fat foods (like skim milk) since they are often higher in sugar than their regular-fat counterparts. So I think the Fed Up challenge is a great idea!

  3. I went GF last summer, but went the way of GF carbs apparently, which pushed my sugar way up. So, 3 days after Christmas, I had to go gluten, Dairy, Sugar, starch and Caffeine free, in order to keep all of my organs functioning appropriately. Yes, it sucks, but I did lose weight and started toning with a few basic workouts. Although the immediate danger has passed, and I was told I can have a tiny bit of sugar and carbs, and some caffeine-free coffee (1 cup), I find that I really don’t enjoy the taste anymore, and I feel bad if I eat it. Except for that single cup of caffeine-free coffee – I took that one back first. The carbs I thought I was craving don’t really do it for me anymore, even if they are still GF. I bake for the family, and it doesn’t faze me, although I do slip in some GF goodies when they’re not looking. The ATK cookbook has been great for that – they don’t even realize it. So, it’s doable, especially if your life depends on it. Hang in there ya’ll–we can DO this!

    • We heart sugar at my house too, Dana. That’s why the 10 day thing seems doable and perhaps will break a habit. But you know, I do love my gf cake…

      • Um ok so I just tried on my bathing suit and almost threw up a little.

        Do you have any sugar free tips or websites with starter advice for the newly sugar want to be free?

        I’m the kind of person who dumps five + sugars in my coffee so this is going to serious withdrawal!

      • I want to phrase this as positively as possible, but have you considered whether or not you like coffee, given the amount of sugar you add to it?
        Years ago, I trained myself to take nothing in my coffee by implementing the rule that if I actually wanted coffee, I had to drink it black. To this day, I only add milk and/or sugar to exceptionally bad coffee, like Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

  4. Pretty much been living this way (& blogging about it) for a while now. Yup. Can’t buy anything packaged. Have to make it all from scratch bc sugar, preservatives and chemicals are in everything. And what was most surprising and also most infuriating — I learned they don’t have to be. I’ve made breads and sweets without the junk and they taste great. Totally unnecessary additives to preserve the food or hook the people. Or both.

    • I was working on a dill dressing for my new cookbook and was mixing and matching. I kept finding recipes that have added sugar. For salad dressing. I don’t recall ever having salad dressing and saying to myself, “You know what would make this healthy option better? Sugar.” So yeah, I’m not putting any sugar in my dressings.

      • Totally. Let’s add a heap of sugar onto our greens. Because salad is good for you. Refined sugar is truly like crack. Hard habit to kick but once you do, you don’t even crave it. Not that I know anything about craving crack.

      • You can come to Toronto and run for mayor!
        But srsly, I will add a tiny slurp of maple syrup to balance an overly sour dressing, because fresh citrus is unpredictable that way.

  5. I just started following your blog and I do not think I am ready to banish sugar, I am still reeling from “soy” everywhere and now in bread. At a local bakery in our supermarket all of the bread has soy! Thanks for the tip on pastas.

  6. Good luck! I’ve said so many times “I’m going to try giving up refined sugar” that at this point I think I’ll never get up the momentum to actually do it. It’s the thought that counts, right? 😛

  7. I’ve had very little sugar for about 5 days so far for health reasons. I’m working on just the refined sugar… although I had a dab of ketchup the other day. I’m totally noticing a difference so far.

  8. Oh. Ouch. I do love me some sugar.
    The thing is, many foods are considered “bad” if you read all the books and see all those movies. Some say not to eat any grains, meat, dairy, legumes, soy… I’m still recovering from Forks Over Knives!
    Food competence is an important component that no one ever discusses. (Read anything by Ellen Sattyr). Like, be able to put together a healthy, reasonable meal but don’t be paralyzed with fear over every single choice.
    I’ll be seeing the movie though – you got me very curious.

  9. I’m planning to do the Fed Up challenge, I’m also wheat/soy free(ish) – mild allergies to both and should avoid completely but the damn patisserie at the local Sunday farmer’s market makes the most ridiculously delicious choux pastries, sorry tangent – and I’m debating on the rice noodles, yes they’re sugar free but they also suggest avoiding anything that turns to sugar as it’s digested. I’m finding some bloggers are pro sugar-free rice noodles but some are very strict about the starches. I DO NOT like spaghetti squash as a replacement for noodles, and I can’t imaging cauliflower ‘rice’ will fair much better to my pallet, so I’m trying to decide if the cheat will negate the experience… I’m figuring it’s not going to be a 100% success for me, I have allergies that are sometimes only soothed with Coca Cola or lozenges, so I want to do the best I can where I can.

    • Good luck with whatever you try, Trich. Honestly it’s all so difficult and challenging I’m impressed if anyone just goes a day without a nacho and ice cream binge.

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