The Gluten Is My Bitch Ireland Itenarary is HERE!

gluten-free irelandThe details are in, everybody! This is the the gluten-free Ireland trip info you’ve been waiting for. I don’t know about you but every time I read over what Custom Ireland has pulled together for us here in one of the most gorgeous places in the world, I get a little giddy. Let me break it down a little bit more for you guys:

Day 1—The capitol city of Dublin is where we’ll all meet up on October 1st. We’ll be staying in an amazing 5 star hotel that knows the gluten-free posse is coming. We’ll have some time to get our bearings, wander around this amazing city, and, of course, eat gluten-free.

Day 2-Still hanging out in our fancy hotel, we’ll also see some regal action as we head out of town a tiny bit and tour the Powerscourt Estate and Glendalough. We’re talking some good looking gardens here, and a delicious lunch, ready for the gluten haters.

Day 3-We’re off to the beautiful County Cork where we’ll enjoy a gluten-free cooking class at the famed Ballymaloe Cookery School and an overnight stay at the stunning Cliff House Hotel. The views really don’t get much better than this, people.

Day 4-Oh, no big deal just a MASTER CLASS AT JAMESON’S DISTILLERY. I know. It’s going to be a very special treat, and something you can brag about for years.

Day 5-We’re off to yet another one of the wonders of Ireland for a tour of the Ring of Kerry. You guys are bringing cameras, right? Because the ring is off. the. hook.

Day 6-If you’ve never experienced the Cliffs of Moher, you’ve never experienced Ireland. OK, maybe that’s not totally true because, you know, Dublin is THE BEST. Still, this unbelievably scenic spot in County Clare will knock your socks off. Literally, you should remove your socks and place your feet upon the softest, greenest grass you’ll ever see/feel. What could possibly top that? Just an overnight in Dromoland Castle, the castle to end all castles.

Day 7-Wake up and pretend you’re all up in Downton Abbey at the Dromoland and enjoy one last gluten-free Irish breakfast before heading to Shannon airport and bidding goodbye to basically the best time of your gluten-free life.

The whole time you’ll be in my very neurotic hands, I will have the conversations you’d rather not have while on vacation. I’ll also be in touch way before we land in Dublin to talk you through the prep of vacationing while sensitive. And I hope to regale you with tales of my own big travel mistakes as we hang out and chow down at these carefully chosen venues designed to make us, the gf, happy. And did I mention the snacks? Oh, there will be snacks.

Yeah, I’m excited. If you are too, go get more info and get your name on that list here. And tell your friends!

14 thoughts on “The Gluten Is My Bitch Ireland Itenarary is HERE!

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  5. I am SO curious about the distillery trip, and your experience with whiskeys and scotches in general. Before I discovered my gluten problem, I freaking LOVED scotch. Now that even contaminated peppercorns can put me out for half a day, I’m not willing to risk something justbecause it’s been distilled (given that gluten is water soluble and, way more importantly, considering the fact that some scotch producers add a bit of the mash back into the product after distillation). Are some distilleries safer than others? Have you ever gotten sick from a whiskey or scotch? I would love to bring these drinks back into my life!

    • Hi Alia,

      I haven’t ever gotten sick from whiskey or scotch. Jameson does state specifically that they are gluten-free, and additionally if you pick up Dr. Alessio Fasano’s new book, “Gluten Freedom” he also explains that spirits are indeed, gluten-free. The process removes the gluten.

      More importantly, how are your peppercorns getting contaminated with gluten??????

      • Well, if it says it’s gluten free, I’ll trust it! Yay! In fact, Ireland generally seems to be a very coeliac-aware place. Your vacation’s going to be so amazing! Please tell me you’re flying Aer Lingus. With regard to the (whole, black) peppercorns, as with most things that have gotten me sick recently (spices, dry beans, nuts), the problem must have to do with the processing. It was the cheapest jar of peppercorns my local grocery offered, and its label didn’t feature any certifications or promises. I know there are a lot of crazies online, but after I got sick I saw someone (who seemed relatively sane) on a message board had actually run how black peppercorns through an at-home assay, and found that they were VERY cross-contaminated. All I can say is, thank goodness for companies like Nuts.com and Spicely Organics! I’m also going to give the McCormick Gourmet line a try.

  6. Hope you had a great time! We went to Ireland in May and, to date, has been the best place to eat gluten free, outside of my hometown of Denver.

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