Pasadena Is About To Be Hella’ Gluten-Free & You Can Go For Free!!!

gluten free expoWho’s down for a totally gluten-free weekend in Pasadena? I know I am. The National Celiac Disease Foundation Conference is happening June 7-8th (which is coming UP SO FAST) and it’s a super party/information festival for all of us who are battling the gluten.

I love that CDF Expo and Conference. This will be my third year attending, and first year as an official blogger. I’m pretty sure I get to wear a hat that says “CDF FTW” or maybe “FUGLTN” not sure which. What I do know for sure is that I’ll be taking in all the information about what’s going on with the latest in celiac, gluten-free foods, and hanging out with other amazing bloggers who hate gluten. STOKED.

Whether you’re someone who wants to hear the doctors and researchers speak (which, of course you do because aren’t we just waiting for one of them to say, “Guess what? If you eat Jelly Bellys before croissants, you’ll be a-OK!”) you MUST register for both Saturday and Sunday, or rather Saturday for the conference, then Sunday is thrown in. I know I’ll be there. Mostly on account of the breakfast buffet that includes gluten-free French Toast, but also for the mad knowledge they will be dropping.

Then you can wander around the EXPO where you can try out all of the latest gluten-free products and some fantastic standbys, and maybe come by and give me a high-five. Because I’ll be hanging out as well! And just to make sure you’ll be dropping by and soaking up all that info, I’m giving away 5 (five!) passes to the Sunday Expo! That’s right, 5 passes!

All you have to do is comment below and tell me what you most want to see at the 2014 CDF Expo and I will randomly select you people and HOOK YOU UP. Then you can come by and say, “April, can we talk about poop?” FUN.

See you in Pasadena!

7 thoughts on “Pasadena Is About To Be Hella’ Gluten-Free & You Can Go For Free!!!

  1. Groupon has a deal so I bought half-price tickets for me and my gluten-loving husband. I will be there on Sunday and I will look for you!

  2. Oh Oh! I’d love to go! Right now I’m looking for ways, on my unemployment tight tight budget, to keep up what I need to on a budg AND how to navigate better in the world (apparently I’m super annoying with my gluten freeness, which lead to a lot LOT of snide and passive aggressive posting of the recent “it’s all in your head” 37 person study. Need to get creative, because right now my belly is all “FU try harder.”

  3. I want the free samples. This GF stuff gets expenseive! Especially since I’ve started forcing the hubs and kidlets to be GF at home.

  4. As someone to new to the Glutenless world (just diagnosed two months ago) I can use all the information and samples I can get!

  5. Hi! have you picked a winner? Best of luck to all. It sounds like an event worth attending. By the way, where is the best place to park around the convention center? Any tips? Thanks!

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