Holy Gluten-Free Snacks! Top 7 Things at The CDF Expo

celiac disease foundation expoIt was a busy weekend at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Expo in Pasadena, you guys. Yes, that’s my “snack basket” I have set up on our counter filled with delicious gluten-free treats. I also have a cabinet-full of gluten-free mixes, flours and other gluten-free delights because every freaking gluten-free company was there. And they had kick ass free stuff for those of us who are used to spending an entire paycheck on that biz.

I was there to blog about it, to hang out with other gluten-free super cool bloggers, and to talk to as many people as possible about my upcoming gluten-free trip to Ireland because it’s awesome, and you should come, and you should just start packing because AWESOME. Fill out this form and vacation with me. That. Simple. Huzzah!!!

In case you were wondering what else I was doing at the CDF Expo, well, I’ll tell ya’. There were basically 7 things I learned/loved/did that you should know about as well. They are:

1. Most, What The…?

Two words: Mesquite Flour. So I talked to this really nice man, and there are people who are taking the bean from the mesquite tree—you know, the one that makes your grilled meats so tasty—and turning it into a gluten-free, kosher, vegan flour. Casa de Fruta harvest the mesquite pod and turn it into a flour that has the most interesting smell, in that it smells like cinnamon and vanilla. What???? I know. Crazy. So you can toss it into your waffle mix and have an instant flavor sensation.

2. Most, Why Can I Not Buy This Right This Second?

gluten-free tortillaPotato tortillas, called Potapas were so insanely good! And I guess I actually should have bought a load of them right then but I was flitting around and missed the opportunity. Which is all the more reason Potapas should be in stores right now! I mean, RIGHT NOW. I need me a potato tortilla.

3. What I Ate the Most Of

gluten-free bread

Oh, Brazi Bites, you temptress. Even if the brazilian cheese bread had not been posted up right next to my booth, I still would have snuck them by the handful. My whole family loves these easy to cook up, crispy on the outside, soft in the middle delights. Which is why my husband was super pissed I ate all of mine and didn’t bring him any.

4. What I Drank the Most Of

Green’s Dubbel Dark Ale is the bestest. I love this UK beer and not only because it comes in a giant bottle. There were a few beer peeps there (hey, hey, New Planet and Bard’s), which is always super awesome, but I’ve got a very, very soft spot for that Dubbel.

5. Most Interesting Science Stuff

I’ve got a science crush on Dr. Alessio Fasano which suddenly developed when he started talking triggers and microbiome. I mean, get me a fecal transplant, STAT! (Yes, I do realize how weird both of those sentences were.)

6. Most Snacks I Kept Picking Up and Stuffing Into my Swag Bag

HalfPops. What is up with that weird half-popped popcorn business that makes me want to eat them by the bucket full? These little sample sizes are NOT BIG ENOUGH. Hence, why I went back about 29 times. I also love that I can pick these up in airports, at Starbucks, or other places when I’m in need of a gluten-free snack. Because, omygod, I CAN’T STOP EATING THEM.

7. Most Adorable Attendee

It’s a tie between these two amazing babies who love curse words.

I mean, come on!

celiac disease expo

celiac disease expo


Did you go to the Expo? What was your fave?

16 thoughts on “Holy Gluten-Free Snacks! Top 7 Things at The CDF Expo

  1. My faves were meeting you, getting my F*CK FLOUR button, and meeting Pamela of the Pamela’s line of GF baking mixes. LOVE her pizza crust! For products, I haven’t made my was through all of them yet, but Plentils dill pickle chips and Dang toasted coconut chips were awesome.

  2. This Expo was such a good time! it was so cool meeting you April and all the snacks!!! I had to roll myself out of there cause I was so full. I think I almost ate a whole bag full of Brazi Bites! Thanks so much for getting me in there! I had a blast.

  3. April! Thanks for the pin! I’m the one who came with my, in his words, “normal” friend haha. You shouldn’t have given that poser a pin!! Im pretty sure I got a little high from snorting that mesquite flour. I really don’t think I was supposed to do that. Anyways I Had fun!!

  4. April, it was great to meet you at the expo. I am loving the oval oatmeal-graham cookies that came in sample packs of four; they are a bit salty, a bit sweet. I don’t remember the name of the company that manufactures them– do any of you?
    On a side note, someone could start a gf business around Scottish baking products. Scottish shortbread, Scottish oatcakes, etc. I’d line up for those…

  5. You are so funny and great!! I was diagnosed with celiac may 2, 2014, still in shock… going to Coney Island july 4th and. 5th and saw your blog… Love it! Must get a Fuck Flour pin !!

  6. My wife, my business partner Joe Zanger and our partners in the Adult Training School of the Diocese of Anatuya,Argentina, that is one of the poorest Dioceses in Argentina that produce this flour are so very flattered that you liked our mesquite bean flour, so well. Thank you very kindly.

  7. I just found your blog! Super funny! Interesting that the tag line on my blog is rambling, recipes, rants and other ridiculousness. Now I have to buy your book. 🙂

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  9. Dear April
    It hardly seems like it was only 6 weeks ago at Pasadena. I wanted to thank you again for trying the mesquite flour. Your blog is the first I heard of people snorting it. I am a real nerd and just started a nerdy mesquite facebook page. I wanted to link ours to yours and say thanks a million


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