Happy Birthday KC & YOU Get A G-Free Foodie Box! (Giveaway)

g-free foodie box giveawayOkay, so LAST month was KC’s birthday month but I like to make it a seasonal celebration, so kids, I’m celebrating KC and the G-Free Foodie Box all summer, basically. If you  haven’t seen the G-Free Foodie box yet, take a gander at all of the amazing items KC curates for you, the g-free, every month.

gluten-free foodie box giveaway

Gang, I’ve never NOT used something in my box. She really gets what speciality items will make us swoon as well as what staples we can step up. Those cupcakes from Kyra’s Bake Shop mix above? Ummm, awesome. What I’m trying to say is get this box, suckers. You’ll love it.

It may be KC‘s birthday season, but we’re celebrating with a gift for you! First of all, discount code of awesomeness. Enter Code: HBDAYKC in the Comments box at www.foodieboxclub.com to Save $10 off your first monthly G-Free Foodie Box Club shipment or 10% off 3, 6 or 12 month memberships! Plus, score a Bonus Gift!

All of the boxes are gluten-free, and they are also available in GF + Dairy Free, GF + Nut Free, Top 8 Allergen Free, Paleo Friendly/Grain Free or Organic/non-GMO. Each box contains 5 full size products, plus recipes, serving ideas and a little something extra. Extra, people.

And for those of you want to test it out by getting a free one, just answer me this in comments: What would you most want to see in KC’s G-Free Foodie box? I’ll pick a winner next week!

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday KC & YOU Get A G-Free Foodie Box! (Giveaway)

  1. Hi April–having never ordered from KC before, I’m not sure what they normally include but I’d love to find a gluten-free granola or snack bar that’s not loaded with tons of syrup-y sweetness and nuts, that actually tastes good!

  2. A good doughnut. I would kill for an edible gluten-free doughnut. But I’m guessing that only fresh would do, so I would settle for a good gluten-free cereal, something akin to Honey Bunches of Oats, but gf, obviously.

  3. I would love to see a box of Yehuda GF Matzo. I am totally addicted, and think every GF person who misses a flaky, crispy cracker (especially with their delicious, squishy cheese) should have some. They are a great base for GF matzo brittle!

  4. I haven’t ordered one of these box of the month things, YET. Maybe in the future. If I could pick something different or new to try….huummm? Meatballs…….LOL. Ummm….I’m always a bit shy to try new things.

  5. Those cupcakes sound like what I’d want to try. I’m kinda scared of doing my own from-scratch gluten-free baking still.

  6. I would love to see a mix or a packaged white chocolate chip, macademia nut cookie. Those were my favorite type of cookies and I have not been able to enjoy one since. Or a soft-baked pretzels with seeds and nuts would be amazing!

  7. I want a good cracker that will pair with Brie; a water cracker that isn’t heavily flavored but is crispy but not crunchy. If it has any flavor, it could be lightly fennel flavored and a little bit salty.

  8. I’ve never ordered either but would LOVE a bagel or donut as well… something that at least closely resembles the gluten loaded counterpart.

  9. I just found your site after recently being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of research on the gluten connection. You make the gluten-free lifestyle seem less daunting to me so thanks. 🙂

  10. I would love to see some fantastic gluten free bread crumbs!!! I know that is a really weird one but good ones are heard to find and I REALLY love meatloaf and meatballs!

  11. Any kind of baked goods like those cupcakes. I haven’t braved the trial and error of making my own GF treats yet.

  12. I’m desperate for a delicious GF cinnamon bun. I’ve been diagnosed for a year and it’s been a real struggle, as you know. Cinnamon desserts were my staple and I haven’t had a decent cinnamon product in 12 months.

  13. I’ld also love baked goods like a good brownie that is just the right texture and choclate-yness. ive struggeled with ordering things like this since what i found from the one i did order (not this brand) was that it really ended up being a box of junk food and in reality i shouldnt be eating cookies, cake, etc all that often. good to try a few brands though i wouldn’t have tried.

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