Gluten-Free New York City: Brooklyn, Beacon & The BEST GF JOINT IN MANHATTAN!!!

gluten-free new york cityWell hello blog readers! You’ve probably noticed a lack of regular posting which (again) I can blame on the book writin’ and a trip to New York that was long and EPIC. I miss that town, and the wonderful people who inhabit it, and it was so much fun to be back for an extended stay. SO MUCH. And one of the best things in the world about my trip is that I did not get gluten’d. Not even once! That, my friends, was waiting for me when I ordered Indian food once I got back to LA. Never stray from your “safe” foods on a menu, people. Never.

But while I was in New York I ate like a GF Queen (if there was one) and I FINALLY visited the holiest of holy spots, The Risotteria in the West Village. Oh my breadsticks, you guys. You weren’t kidding when you said, “You have to go there. I mean, why haven’t you been there? What is your gluten-free problem???” 

The most super duper part of this ongoing, incredibly amazing experience was truly a toss-up between the airy gluten-free breadsticks and the meatballs from heaven. Even the gluten-eating in my crew (and friends who later went on my recommendation) were in love with the gluten-free meatballs. Also fab? Just every damn gluten-free beer you could ever want and/or need. I LOVE THE RISOTTERIA & I’M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT. Look, this is ham and gruyere risotto with a freaking gluten-free panzanella salad!! Croutons in the house!

risotteria gluten-free new york cityBut that was just the beginning of my journey. Some other gluten-free culinary highlights include:

gluten-free times squareBreakfast at the Brooklyn Diner in Times Square. Old Skool omelette and decor.

gluten-free new york cityLobster roll without the roll at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. Even more Old Skool.

gluten-free new york cityGluten-free pasta at Rosemary’s. Where they also have that wicked “wine on tap” feature.

gluten-free shake shackWhile at Shake Shack the children and I had the age-old debate over which is better, Shake Shack or In ‘n’ Out (no offense, In ‘n’ Out, but if I could actually eat the fries at Shake Shack, they would have spanked you). It was a split decision in the family, so I say enjoy ALL OF IT. (Except the fries at Shake Shack, they’re all gluten-y.)

gluten-free gramercy tavernOur anniversary tradition at Gramercy Tavern included a gluten-free corn muffin to replace their super yum bread basket (best thing about this? only the truly gluten-free get these, the norms are DENIED).

gluten-free new york cityAnd this gluten-free coconut cake for desert!!! DAMN.

gluten-free brooklynWhilst in Brooklyn, visiting my most favorite place in the neighborhood I used to live in I chowed down on this naturally gluten-free pile of yum. Habana Outpost, you’re my hero.

gluten-free brooklynCuban food is totally the gluten-free bomb, and I also got this super delish gf breakfast in Carrol Gardens at Cafe Cubana. People, there are refried beans in that omelette.

But upstate New York would not be denied. It’s a shame I didn’t take pictures at my amazing friend’s home, as Kara and Dylan already had gluten-free mac and cheese, sausage and peppers and Bell & Evans gluten-free chicken tenders ready for us/me when we got off of Metro North in Beacon. I know. Udi’s bagels and other gluten-free pastries from the local gf hot spot awaited as well.

gluten-free beaconAnd when we left the house for food (as clearly there was not enough) we headed to The Roundhouse, a local spot with gorgeous waterfall views and hot design which offered up this gluten-free bun piled high with pulled pork . . .

gluten-free beacon new york. . . along with these crunchy chickpeas of joy. I also discovered a gluten-free beer out of Albany called Steadfast which easily goes into my top 3. SO GOOD. Beacon!

gluten-free beacon new york beerNot to be out-gf’d, the local beer store/eatery/brewery/place to pick up a growler called Hop (of course, adorbs) sold a variety of gluten-free beers. All of which I tried.

I’m honestly not sure what’s up with that gluten-free town, but I love it. In fact, New York in its entirety was a breeze this time with the navigating of the gluten. I found surprises around every corner. One night I got some take out from a hotel restaurant in Times Square and when I told them about my issue they packed up a gluten-free muffin for me to have in the morning. For free! Yes, I did say I was in New York City.

gluten-free airlinesAnd finally, I was happy to learn on my flight on Virgin America that their Artisan Cheese Box includes Crunchmaster gluten-free crackers. I added a pack of Krave gluten-free jerky to my in-flight order and was all set. Nice one, Virgin! Especially since the terminal at JFK is all McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. Phhhhhpt.

As they say, I GF NY. I GF it.

10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free New York City: Brooklyn, Beacon & The BEST GF JOINT IN MANHATTAN!!!

    • You know, we actually ordered out from Keste for a big group but the pizza was cold by the time I ate it. Which is not the way to go for gf crust, as you know. So I feel like I didn’t actually get to “try” it, you know?

  1. Howdy from the Duggan Sisters in Chicago. When are you coming back? We miss you!!! Happy to see you enjoyed NY – it is my favorite g-f town – even more than Chi-town. I have such happy memories at Risotteria with my sisters during a business trip a few years back. This summer we avoided all g-f “products” and kept the focus strictly veggies and grain-free meat, fish, etc. in a desperate attempt to curb candida, parasites and in general heal our leaky guts. It was very difficult but oh-so-effective. We collectively lost 60 pounds (no, I am not going to reveal which sister lost what amount – even if the youngest of all would probably love that) and have made huge strides with gut restoration. If you are interested in our boot camp, which I thought would ruin summer, but didn’t – here’s the link. Keep up the good work, g-f sister. http://duggansisters.com/blog/?p=3605

  2. I’m from Upstate NY, I wish I liked the Steadfast beer as much as you but every GF beer I’ve tried just hasn’t cut it for me. They all seem flat or something to me. I’ve given up on beer.

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