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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Pie is Yum

gluten-free-dairy-free-chocolate-pieI love pie, ya’ll. I don’t love making it so much since that whole crust thing gets in the way. But as I’ve said before, and will say again and again and again, if you buy a pre-made gluten-free pie crust or use a gluten-free mix, you can rock that gf pie. Which is what I just did here with this one. Also, I did it without dairy*. What? I KNOW.

So Delicious Dairy Free sent me a load of coconut products to try out and naturally I thought making a chocolate pie was the absolute best use of Coco Whip and their original Coconut Milk drink. Turns out I was totally correct on both counts.

Yes, this is the world’s easiest dessert to make, and yes, it’s pretty much disaster-proof, which is why it’s a great place to start with your alternative dairy products. You’ve got your organic chocolate pudding mix, you add the coconut milk in place of the regular. You slop on the whipped topping (in this case, non-dairy) and drizzle some chocolate sauce on top. I mean, come on!

There really is something about that old school chocolate pudding pie that is just the bee’s knees. I love it, my kids love it, and if you’re dairy, as well as gluten, intolerant you’ll love these substitutes that add a lil’ bit o’ coconut to the mix. It also goes perfectly with a glass of milk and an After School Special on TV.

*Having tossed the packaging on the pie crust, I do not know if it was dairy-free. You can use a dairy-free butter substitute if you’re working with a mix or making your own gluten-free crust in order to round this all out. Good luck!

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