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Oh Man, I’m Going Vegan for Food Day. Maybe Longer.



Okay, not exactly vegan and not EXACTLY just for Food Day, but I thought it was the most awesome time to talk about healthier eating, is it not? It’s Food Day, guys! Let’s try and eat some whole and delicious foods, mmm’kay? This is the fourth October 24th when foodies and activists and other rad people gather to talk about eating sustainably, as well as changing the American diet to combat obesity and other health risks. I realize, while gluten-free, many of my recipes are not even close to being appropriate for any diet. Still, a girl’s gotta’ indulge every now and then, amIright? But I have come to my very own realization. I know. Hang on to your hats. I can’t eat County Fair food every day of my life, even if it is made with gluten-free batter. I’ve also got to stop putting cheese on everything, which is challenging because I don’t like people telling me what to do even if those “people” are doctors. I know, I’m such a jerk. But a friend just told me she and her husband had tried the Mark Bittman thing, “Vegan Before 6” and it worked wonders. I could stand to lose a few by cutting out all that dairy, and I’m sure the beef industry could use a break from my constant demands, so I decided to give it the ol’ college try. So far, so rad.

I think the reason I can get into this VB6 action is because after 6 p.m. I can do whatever the hell I want. It’s not restrictive like the Whole 30, and I don’t feel like I’m going to hurt someone by day 3. In fact, I’m now on Day 7 and it’s really going great. I just turned that kale into Ribollita thanks to the Bittman’s cookbook on the topic. In fact, every day I’m using VB6 as a guide to my breakfast and lunch meals and it’s actually taking that “OhmygodwhatamIhavingforlunch” stress away and replacing it with beans and brown rice. Or Ribollita – gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan   Luckily there’s that VB6 cookbook, my CSA box had just come in with some fantastic multi-colored carrots, and even more luckily I had some gluten-free sourdough from Bread Srsly on hand to toast up and put under this amazing combo of white beans, gf vegetable stock, carrots, onion and kale. This was amazing. And vegan! What the hell??? Food Day and the Bittman have similar goals—knock it off with all the meat consumption in the name of environmental repair, and try to stuff some more local produce up in your gullet for good health. I like these goals. But since I’m not at all a saint, I also like having Taco Tuesday complete with queso. I get to have both, while becoming more mindful during every meal. It’s kind of a win, you guys. I KNOW. Who am I? I’ll keep you posted, especially if I lose my shit in the In ‘N’ Out drive-thru.

2 thoughts on “Oh Man, I’m Going Vegan for Food Day. Maybe Longer.

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