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How to Gluten-Free Crash a Hanukkah Party

gluten-free hanukkah partyI am so gearing up for a non-stop party from the first day of Hanukkah through New Year’s Day. Since we celebrate every which holiday, that means I’ve also bought some new fat pants. They’re corduroy because no one can tell me corduroy won’t stretch.

Of course we all know how anxiety-inducing it is for us gluten-free types to go to a party/go to someone’s house/go to a restaurant/just exist. Which is why I always bring food with me when allowed (pro tip: most restaurants don’t approve when you bring your own gluten-free entree, who knew? Oh, right, everybody.) Since the next holiday that’s happening up in our house is Hanukkah, I’ve sorted out how to make it the happiest, gluten-free holiday EVER.

Just to make sure the food train starts rolling right, I decided I must conclude a practice run of what will be my signature gluten-free dish this Hanukkah season. Why do I need a signature dish? Oh, just because I’m headed out to several Hanukkah parties and I will not go without latkes and brisket. I will not. Did you know most people throw some flour on both of those delicious items? They do. So be careful on those 8 nights, chosen people with gluten problems. Be careful.

I’ve kind of mastered the gluten-free brisket and latke making at my house (although one thing I’ve changed in this latke recipe is that I use a box grater on the onion as well as the potatoes—much more kid-friendly) and we chow down every year around this time. We’re happy. But if you’re going to travel to someone else’s house, why not crib something you saw on Pinterest and make latkes WITH BRISKET ON TOP!? I know. It’s awesome.

Little tiny latkes, with little bits of brisket all in one or two bites. It’s my new favorite thing. So tasty, so portable! I love it! But I had to do some convincing to the rest of the family who were used to (aka, spoiled by) my former recipes. You see, my husband especially was skeptical because, in his words, “How can you possibly improve upon the latke?” To which I responded, “How do you improve upon a Thanksgiving turkey?” And showed him this –

gluten-free-holidaysTo which he said, “I prefer regular turkey.”

You just can’t help some people.

But if you’re traveling to a Hanukkah party next week and/or the week after, consider BYOBLs. Everyone will think you’re a genius and you won’t stress out your hosts. AND, you’ll have delicious brisket latkes, so there’s that.

Happy Holidays everybody!!!!

3 thoughts on “How to Gluten-Free Crash a Hanukkah Party

  1. Ha! We also celebrate everything, though not very well since I haven’t bought my kids one single gift yet, argh to 8 nights of Chanukah!

    I used to enjoy some serious latke eating (shout out to my grandma, who made them the best) and I miss it. My kids make faces when they hear the word “potato” in front of pancake (tragic I know) and my husband won’t eat onions (!) so basically I’m screwed unless I make a batch for just myself, which I will be doing this year 🙂 thanks for your recipes and your hilariously worded posts.

    Happy every holiday to you!

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