Gluten-Free Austin: Lots of Places

gluten-free austin SXSWHey guys, so I’ve been in Austin for a week or so and for once I’m not just hitting Guero’s (queso + margarita above), Frank, and Barley Swine. I mean, I AM hitting those places but due to basically horrible circumstances I’ve been hanging in a different part of town this time and have the 411 for YOU.

I’ll discuss the horribleness sometime later but for now I’m just going to get some info out there as I know the SXSW is coming up soon and the gluten-free need to know what other options do exist. I would also apologize for the lack of flowery language, but honestly, I have no idea what I’m about to say so let’s just see how this works out! 

gluten-free austin sxswSo this was fascinating. We went to Dai Due on the east side, which apparently is the restaurant version of some super duper chef who teaches you how to hunt wild boar, break down a pig, and eat it. I just had breakfast. This was the pon haus, which is essentially a cornmeal and pork cake (aka, scrapple), a fried egg with some nice dressing, and a smidgen of their housemade cane syrup. Yep, insane. And gluten-free! Lots of other items were gf as well, so get yourself there.

gluten-free austin sxswThis was a salad lunch. I know I never advocate for salad as a meal, but the Hillside Farmacy sweetheart salad was just calling my name. And it was delicious, and supposedly gluten-free. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been great since I’ve been here. I give my gluten-free/celiac speech and then just eat whatever they tell me to. Have I been gluten’d? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But who the hell knows. I’m still not over that holiday season gluten’ing, so this could all be part of it or you know, not.

gluten-free austin sxswThis was a real Texas meal, and I was lucky enough to have a waiter who has a celiac roommate, so he totally got it. Hoover’s is definitely comfort food, not unlike the more famous Threadgills. The big difference between Hoover’s and Threadgills is that I can eat at Hoover’s. Big. Difference.

gluten-free austin sxswAnother breakfast type food and another place where they like to butcher their own hogs. It’s kind of a thing in Austin, and Salt & Time does it very nicely. This pork hash was loaded with vegetables which made me feel like I had at least one good meal a day. Which was nice.

IMG_9729This is me and my brother. We’ve been going through my mother’s things, so you can imagine what kind of horrible reason it is that I’m here in Austin. Also, I don’t know how to use iPhoto to edit, obviously.The upside is that we’re finding good/bad/ugly but all amazing, old photos. If you missed my puberty school photo on Instagram, please do check that shit out because it was EPIC. (Instagram – peveteaux) I just wanted to end on an adorable note because, why not.

Also, a tip. Jo’s coffee on S. Congress has Blackbird Bakery’s gluten-free pop tarts daily. I’m partial to the peanut butter one.

Enjoy your gluten-free Austin, peeps. More later.


4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Austin: Lots of Places

  1. Hi April. First time commenting to say thanks for the Austin tips. I’ve been to one SXSW but hope to go again soon. But more importantly I wanted to reach across the internet void to send my support and sympathy, if I’m interpreting the horrible circumstances correctly. Today exactly is the nine-year anniversary of my mother’s passing, and I know how difficult it can be. It took my brother and I a month to clear out my mother’s house. A thing that I hope to have to do only once in my life.

  2. Thanks for the Austin tips, we are planning on going this year to visit a friend so now I know I won’t starve.
    Also, if I interpreted correctly, I’m so sorry about your mom. 😔

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