Cooking With Ghee: Nachos, Suckers

gluten-free, dairy-free, ghee

First of all, I want you all to know that ever since Tava Life reached out to me to talk all things ghee, I’ve been doing some ghee experimenting. Which is pretty easy when they send four different types of the lactose-free butter business: himalayan sea salt, green chile, vanilla bean and original. I’ve been fairly swimming in ghee.

I also know ghee is a big paleo thing and I’m a fan. I usually have some ghee on hand when I’m feeling dairy-free but not quite able to quit butter. And Tava Life’s options were super fun. While I will fill you in on other dishes (ummm, much healthier dishes that actually help you stay paleo and dairy-free) wherein I used the ghee, right now I jut kind of gave myself and the kiddos the gift of yumminess by making homemade gluten-free tortilla chips using the green chile and himalayan sea salt ghee. It’s so easy, you guys. This easy –

gluten-free, dairy-free tortilla chipsHonestly, I love it when I take gluten-free corn tortillas and cut them in quarters and fry them up for fresh tortilla chips. It’s not something I do regularly because, hello, grocery stores, but when I do I’m always super happy with the result. With the flavored ghee, even better.

Now listen, I know the point of utilizing ghee is to avoid lactose. And again, I do this. Really. But this weekend my husband had to work and I decided it was time to expose the kids to Saturday Night Live with the whole SNL40 sitch (yes, I did somehow forget about “Dick in a Box”) and I was all “NACHOS!!!!!!!” It just seemed like a good time. And here’s a good time to warn all you gluten-free types: Not all tortilla chips you buy at the store are gluten-free. I know this, because I went out of town and came back and my husband had a mixed flour tortilla chip in my house. I know. I’m not sure why he’s not living in a hotel right now.

Point being, some, not all, but enough, tortillas and tortilla chips can be contaminated with flour so watch out, people. And hence my DIY gluten-free tortilla chips fried in ghee. It’s easy you guys. You just plop down the ghee until the entirety of a large skillet is not only covered, but at least a centimeter thick with oil, and take your quartered gluten-free corn tortillas and toss them in. Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side and drain on a paper towel covered plate. If you aren’t using himalayan sea salt ghee, sprinkle sea salt on the chips immediately and allow to cool to non-burning your tongue off temperature.

Of course I just turned those chips into nachos with some beans, cheese, guacamole and a lil’ bit o’ sour cream. And that was dinner in front of the TV, folks. Because when you’re gluten-free, or heck, anyone really, don’t all foods basically equal nachos? You’ve got your grain-based delivery device, your protein and your melty cheese. Perfect for every meal.

Sure adding the melty cheese killed the dairy-free element straight away, but if your’e truly GF, DF, sprinkle nutritional yeast on top of those nachos and get it on.

6 thoughts on “Cooking With Ghee: Nachos, Suckers

  1. I’ve always been curious about ghee! My dad eats it all the time because he said its supposed to be super healthy. But then again, he eats boxes of girl scout cookies in one sitting so I can’t really trust him…. hehe thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, i bought your book for my sister as she is celiac but she didnt like it at all. It did not add any value to her and also found the language was terrible considering your mother was an english teacher… The level of coursing on your blog is just very dislikeable…while i dont agree with her 100% i appreciate that some people who are completely new to the subject may benefit from your book slightly. Good luck

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