Oh Em Ghee: Dairy-Free Dinner That’s Still Butter-rific

gluten-free dairy-free dinnerStill over here with the ghee, you guys. As we all know, I love the dairy but it’s always good for me to have dairy-free recipes in my back pocket when I’m trying hard to recover from a gluten’ing or just my husband saying, “Chicken fried steak with gravy, AGAIN???” So. Ghee!

I decided using ghee to make some chicken dishes would be a good idea. I don’t know why, I just was feeling chicken for like, a week. So I did it up with a couple of gluten-free, dairy-free, chicken-filled dinners.

Naturally, when one looks for a new chicken dish one must watch the TODAY show. They love chicken in the morning and I got a few delish ideas to feed the family. First up, was a Tuscan bean and chicken stew inspired by Chef Marco Canora’s chicken pounding and his uccelletto bean recipe. It’s actually very simple to whip together and while following Chef Marco’s recipe is recommended, you really can get your mallet out and flatten your chicken breasts, add Italian seasonings and pound those bad boys into the chicken, then cook some white beans in stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce and spices and you’ll be pretty good to go. Still, you know, recipes are good too.

gluten-free, dairy-free mealsI’m guessing Julia Child would roll over in her buttery grave if she knew I was making chicken fricassee with coconut milk to keep it dairy-free, but hey! You can totally do that too. You don’t need any ghee in this recipe to replace the butter, unless you like to give your chicken a little frying pan time before you begin. This actually could improve the dish, and is something I wish I had done. But that’s just because I like a little crisp on my fatty chicken skin. Oh, who am I kidding? Fatty chicken skin is good in any fashion. Well, not raw, unless you’re this dog wearing a t-shirt—


Once again the TODAY show gave me the recipe for chicken fricassee and I removed the gluten (use gf flour, Worcestershire sauce, chicken broth) and swapped out that dairy (use coconut milk for heavy cream) and you can feel fab about this decadent dinner. This recipe is a little bit complicated but once you’ve pulled it together once, I’m confident you can make this a staple. And for those of you in those cold climates? It will warm you from head to toe.

Get on it!


2 thoughts on “Oh Em Ghee: Dairy-Free Dinner That’s Still Butter-rific

  1. April—You have no idea HOW MANY times you’ve helped me laugh and feel better. Loved your book, love your “We’ve Got Issues”; you help me so so much. Getting over a nasty glutening and decided to see if I could get more support from you somewhere online….just not as tech-savvy as others. So glad to find your blog. THank you so much.

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