Why Are We Talking About the Top 8 Food Allergens?

bake sales are my bitchWhy hello there! Welcome to Bake Sales Are My Bitch. Perhaps you came over from Gluten Is My Bitch, where I rant, recipe and ridiculous on the regular. Or maybe you’re trying to figure out what the hell to make for the class picnic that won’t kill/maim/greatly upset a good portion of the 3rd grade population. Either way, welcome and let’s navigate the tricky world of kids and food together.

I’m a celiac and a mom, which means I get to prepare a gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free and kosher lunch for my kids every freaking day. Yes, it does get old. But I would never, ever, put another kid’s life in danger because my kid really wants a peanut butter sandwich. I’m cool that way.

It doesn’t mean I love taking every damn thing into consideration when preparing a group lunch at the kid’s school. But being a food issue person myself, I not only respect other people’s issues, I wouldn’t dare jack that up. Additionally, I don’t see why the gfdf kid can’t enjoy the hell out of a cupcake. It’s not his fault his genetic material rejects traditional cake.

And that’s what Bake Sales is all about: Complaining about the insanity of food issues amongst kids, while making sure all kids are safe, and offering up delicious alternatives so our kids won’t be even more sad about their lunch. My focus, while it may vary from time to time to include preferences and religious requirements (see above: kosher), will mostly stay within the top 8 food allergens which include: wheat, dairy, eggs, shellfish, fish, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

So join me on this journey, and please do share about your challenges, successes and anything else you want to chat about it.

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