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Ask a Gluten-Free Blogger: Celiac Disease Foundation Conference This Weekend!

2015Conference-celiac-disease-foundationHey gang!

I’m very excited to be headed to Pasadena again this weekend for the annual Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo. As one of the very super duper official bloggers (I may have made up that title) I’ll be roving around, attending panels and speeches and seeing what all is new in the celiac and gluten-free world. I’m still hoping for flaky croissants. A girl can dream.

If you’re in the area, please do stop by! And if you see me, ask if I have any swag because I’ll be toting just a few items with me including t-shirts, tote bags and if I can find any of those Fuck Flour buttons at the bottom of a drawer I’ll have those too. I have very limited quantities, so the first person who asks, will receive. This is me—


Sometimes I wear glasses, sometimes I don’t. I’m in denial about my eyesight and my age. Anyhoo!

The good news is, I’ll soon be selling some really fun Gluten Is My Bitch attire! So stay tuned if you don’t get to grab anything this weekend at the CDF Convention & Expo.

In the meantime, let me know what you want to know about any new product developments (see: croissants), news in the world of vaccines, other food related triggers, anything up in the world of celiac! I’ll search out the answers and report back.

See you soon, Pasadena!

4 thoughts on “Ask a Gluten-Free Blogger: Celiac Disease Foundation Conference This Weekend!

  1. Have you ever been to Mariposa bakery in San Fran and Oakland? That place is the motherland for flaky croissants. It’s been a year since I’ve had one and I still think of them on the regular.

      • Word on the street is that they only have them certain days of the week which I unfortunately found out after I sent my best friend’s saint of a boyfriend there when he was briefly in town so that he could fly back to Oregon with them. It’s probably worth calling ahead and planning a trip just for the croissants though…

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