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Gluten-Free New York: Del Posto, Buvette, Friedman’s & The Usuals

gluten-free-new-york-cityI just went on a short vacation and I didn’t get sick once! Huzzah! I’ve said it before, but I’m always so shocked at how gluten-free friendly New York City has become. Look at that plate of yum from my former neighborhood hang—Habana Outpost. I used to eat there once a week or more, and I wasn’t even gluten-free. I miss those platos.

You know, LA really needs to get it together. It shouldn’t be so hard for me to find new options, California. Anyhoo! Here’s where you need to eat if you’re g-free in the cit-tay.

Del Posto

gluten-free-new-york-cityI’ve been hearing how amazing gluten-free dining has become at not only Del Posto, but Mario Batali’s other gluten-free joints as well. Eataly is fab (and not only because they have my book there!) but Del Posto is next level dining. It was super dark in there, so my pictures are not awesome, but this meal was like nothing I’ve ever had before. From amuse bouche to dessert, everything was gluten-free and the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. I mean, honestly.

What you’re looking at above is the Truffled Beef Carne Cruda with Crunchy Fried Chips of Salsify, and if you don’t order this you’re a sucker. While it blew my mind completely, the pasta dishes were off the hook delicious. You know how restaurants offer a standard gluten-free penne as a sub? Del Posto makes their own gluten-free version of every single pasta—including ravioli—in house. So my husband and I would share a pasta, and they would look exactly the same even though mine was gf. IT WAS AS AMAZING AS IT SOUNDS. This is a dark picture of crazy gluten-free pasta, but I feel you must see it—


This melt-in-your-gluten-free-mouth dish is the pumpkin cappellacci browned butter & slivered almonds. Holy goodness. And this is a box of dessert—

gluten-free-new-york-cityThat we’d clearly already eaten out of. Yes, this was a pricy meal but you can also sit at the bar and order some pasta and go crazy, OR, enjoy a less expensive prix-fixe lunch. But either way, you’ve gotta’ do this.


Ahhhh, Buvette. I met my friend Melissa here for brunch and I felt like I was in Paris. Which makes sense as there’s another Parisian location. While there were tempting luscious pastries and waffles, the steamed scrambled eggs with prosciutto were absolutely perfect and gf. Un cafe on the side, and you’re ready for a walk on the rue. SO GOOD.


I will never come back to NYC without a stopover at Risotteria. I mean, it’s simply the safest place to get your Italian eat on in a variety of ways. Meatballs, breadsticks, lasagna! I only wish they’d open a Los Angeles location. Please? Pretty, pretty please?


This hip LES joint is now in three different locations throughout the city. Which is why I went to the one at Chelsea Market and my friends were waiting on the one near Penn Station. Still, by the time I got there it was really rad as they’ve got a gf menu! And gf bread! And it was super delicious.

gluten-free-new-york-citBonus tip: I enjoyed the new Whitney Museum of American Art, as seen in this “faves” compilation above. But I missed out by not venturing into the restaurant, Untitled. You guys, they have the world’s best gluten-free cookie there. Or as they call it, the world’s best cookie. After using Cup 4 Cup flour they thought it tasted better than normal flour. So, BOOM. Get yourself a cookie at the Whitney.

It’s rare that I travel without some incident of gluten’ing. Eating safely made this quick getaway to see friends and chill even better. I will admit that post-lasagna I was not feeling 100%, and the cheese was totally the culprit. Next time, I’ll go back to risotto since I know that’s totes good and good for me. And I can also soothe myself with meatballs.

Start spreading the news!

P.S. I also found myself with drunk girlfriends at P.J. Clarke’s near the Lincoln Center one night. Surprisingly helpful in the gluten-freeness. From what I remember.

10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free New York: Del Posto, Buvette, Friedman’s & The Usuals

  1. Amy: Check out LIlli and Loo’s (200 W 57th St) next time you’re in town. Best GF Chinese food EVER! I love Chinese food, but since my diagnosis 3 years ago, can never get good chinese food anymore. Either they go with my instructions and I get REALLY bland food, or they don’t understand and I get delicious food and then get sick. So, been making my own when I want some. If you like Chinese food, you’d love LIll and Loo’s.

  2. I would recommend Pizza Beach (81st and 3rd) for a casual spot to take family or hang with friends. They make every pizza with a GF crust which is actually more like a focaccia soaked in olive oil, and it is AH-MAZING. I’ve had the beet and goat cheese and the stracciatella and veggies, oh and the butternut squash and purple kale…

  3. I always have an easy time in NY and SoCal. I could find nothing about GF in the Del Posto menu but, Felidia, another Batali/Bastianich place also does an amazing job GF. It is my favorite restaurant on this earth.

    • I don’t actually know if they have it on the menu, but somehow I knew to ask (maybe a hot tip I got and since forgot who gave it to me?) because they make every pasta gluten-free fresh at Del Posto. It’s super pricey, but for a special occasion it really can’t be beat.

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