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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Sugarfish

gluten-free-sushi-los-angelesYes, I realize I just complained in a big whiny way about not being able to eat out anymore, and wow, do you guys also have some stories!!! I’m feeling for all of us right now. Which is why I’m kind of digging this new way of thinking about dining out up in here. Up in my belly.

We all know you have to rely on your server, the chef, and anyone else who comes within spitting distance (nice visual, yes?) of your food. The more ingredients on your plate, the more opportunities for a lil’ gluten to slip in. Which is why I’m thinking when I dine out from now on, I minimize my chances of getting an extra serving of gluten in my meal by going simple

Sugarfish is one of these amazing fresh sushi joints in Los Angeles that has expanded because, well, it’s super delicious. While sushi can be dicey, I’m now so in love with with the very simply prepared, easily made safe, Sugarfish sushi that I just suggested it for dinner tomorrow night with a friend. I kind of can’t get enough. But Sugarfish isn’t one of these “everything is gluten-free!” joints, it’s 100% on you to keep your meal safe, and delish. As a control’ish freak, I actually prefer this setup.

gluten-free-los-angeles-sushiAs you can see here, if you let your server know you’re gluten-free, your sushi arrives sans sauce. The quality of Sugarfish is so amazing that you don’t even need it. Some pieces have a little lemon salt or scallions, which add the right amount of flavor. Other pieces are enjoyed with a traditional wasabi/ginger/soy sauce combo, which is where you, the gf’er come in.

You have to bring your own wheat-free tamari. Sugar fish does not supply the gluten-free option, so do not arrive without your own bottle of safe soy. I only forgot once, and while I missed it on one or two pieces of fish, I was very happy eating my tuna belly straight up. Very.

With everything that can go awry in a kitchen you don’t own, I really love this simple way of preparing and serving my food. I feel safe dining at Sugarfish, and it’s truly one of the best joints in the area to get your fresh fish on. For a girl who doesn’t always choose to eat in the healthiest manner, ahem, this is a dang good way to eat.

Do you have a favorite safe place to dine out?

11 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Sugarfish

  1. I love sushi. One because it tastes good but two because I know it won’t make me sick. The two things I watch out for are places that add sugar to their rice, which can irritate my stomach and to make sure I use tamari instead of soy sauce so I can avoid the wheat.

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  3. April, I am a newcomer to your site, and love it. I found my way here via my local library’s copy of GIMB.) A friend urged me to go Paleo 3 years ago. It helped my GI issues and wheat and ther allergies/sensitivities, as well as my blood sugar. I still don’t eat wheat, but let dairy and sugar slither back in. However, continuing chronic diarrhea this year led me to a gastroenterologist, a colonoscopy, and a fecal sample. Colonscopy was clean, but I discovered I had Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, and must now take pancreatic enzyme supplements with every bite of food, always. After that diagnosis the same friend urged me to try the Whole 30. I went in kicking and screaming, but came out 10 lbs lighter and with even more improved digestion and less joint pain. Though frustrated by the lack of choices, I feel so much better that I am thinking of giving up dairy and chocolate forever, or at least for a while longer! I really never, ever, ever thought I would say that!

  4. I haven’t been in forever, because sushi places scare me now with the gluten… but when you get their Trust-Me meals… they usually serve a hamachi type starter & a hand roll… are those safe, or did you order a la carte?

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