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5 Days of Giveaways: What Am I Having for Lunch?

giveaway-gluten-free-cheat-sheetYes, that is really the question of the day to win a copy of The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less. It’s Day 3 and it’s getting real. But first, let’s meet yesterday’s winner!

Laura R. Williams answered yesterday’s question correctly. Indeed: The Other Side of the Tortilla is Maura’s blog. I’d like to try CHILE-SPICED HOT APPLE CIDER BRANDY COCKTAIL (in all capitals) because I would like a cocktail. Maybe 4.

I so feel Laura right now. I would love ALL the cocktails. And they’re also gluten-free. Huzzah!

Laura R. Williams, please shoot me an email with your address. I’m at You get a book! And you get a book! And someone else will totally get a book when they guess what I’m having I’m having for lunch today. Here’s a hint that’s not at all a hint: I’m currently visiting a friend in San Diego. I’m driving back to LA today, right around lunchtime. I have not yet decided if I’ll eat lunch in the SD at my friend’s house, or grab something on the road. This means the question is quite a conundrum. Still, the closest guess wins!

What am I having for lunch? Even I don’t know.

11 thoughts on “5 Days of Giveaways: What Am I Having for Lunch?

  1. What’s for lunch? Today is my favorite ever…. It’s an unsandwich….. I take a pepper (today is green bc that’s what I had) slice it into 4 chunks… I add garden veggie cream cheese (I like it bc it’s creamy buy adds a tad bit of a kick and it’s something other than mayo). Next I add roast beef (from the deli) and swiss cheese (you could use any meet/cheese you like). There you go…. Yummy unsandwich…. I also have a fresh pear and peach for a snack.

  2. Soup and sandwich. It’s the best road tripping food, and it’s easy both for your friend to make or to find along the way since California is the king of GF dining – out options!

  3. I’m not sure if Freshii is everywhere, but it’s a “healthy” fast causal chain ie everything is expensive and kale. I make a homemade version of their Metaboost Salad – some sort of salad mix, edemame, mango, smoked paprika chicken and sliced almonds. Topped with Honey Mustard dressing. Oh, and LOTS OF GOAT CHEEEESE.

  4. San Diego en route to LA? I love Mexican food and boy was it good in San Diego. Fish taco? Hope it’s a great trip.

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