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How Many New Gluten-Free Products Are Out & About?

gluten-free-productsSO MANY.

You guys, let’s just get real for a minute. As someone who was diagnosed with celiac in 2011, it wasn’t long before the grocery store aisles were swimming in gluten-free everything. I was diagnosed at a time when the trend was gaining steam, and I’ve been very lucky to reap the gluten-free benefits. While we can make the argument that perhaps, restaurants, aren’t the safest even with the gluten-free menus, products that are all approved and that biz can be a blessing. And of course, a curse, when we’re talking about delicious donuts that are being served a few miles away from me. 5 pounds isn’t A LOT to gain on a tall frame, right? RIGHT???

I’m often sent new and exciting foods to try since I mouth off about being gluten-free and missing so many gluten-y things. This is great, and at the same time it’s really challenging to talk about them all, what with the children and the work and this adorable puppy—

What, am I just supposed to ignore this?

What, am I just supposed to ignore this?

But I’m going to do a round-up here of some of the ones I’ve really been into. As with most gluten-free foods, it’s hit or miss whether your grocery store will carry. But online is the way to shop if you’re dying for a new bagel/cooking oil/pasta.

Canyon Bakehouse

Image via Canyon Bakehouse

Image via Canyon Bakehouse

I was sent a super pack of Canyon Bakehouse’s new products this summer and we kind of blew threw them quickly. So quickly, that my kids and husband had eaten all the everything bagels before I got a chance to try one. Which is also why I don’t have a picture of me stuffing a delicious gluten-free bagel into my bagel-hole. My husband said, “Trust me, it’s one of the best.” So, there you have it. Jerk.

Banza Pasta

gluten-free-pastaBanza is made with chickpeas and advertises “pasta without the guilt.” Which is a strange thing, since I do feel a little bit bad about myself if I’ve been hoovering corn based pasta. And then I’m like, “Ummm, you have celiac disease, stop it with the guilt about anything that DOESN’T have gluten in it.” And then I say to myself again, “Well, corn is in everything, and you’re going to turn into a giant ear of corn/diabetic/chemically enhanced robot.” And that’s when I stop talking to myself. Anyhoo! Banza is a great alternative and comes in a variety of pasta shapes. You don’t get a strong “that’s not pasta” taste of chickpeas either, which, let’s be honest I was worried about. Good taste, good texture, good options. Look! I made turkey ragu with the macaroni!


Tony Roma’s

gluten-free-productsSo right after I’d discovered Tony Roma’s restaurant gluten-free options over at Universal Studios, I got a note from the consumer end of the Roma’s. Tony is also in the game of gluten-free pre-packed meats you can heat up and devour on your own time. I see nothing wrong with that. While I did get fancy and make BBQ pork hand pies

We also enjoyed the ribs so quickly that the picture above really tells the whole story. YUM.

Daura Damm

gluten-free-beerWhen the good folks at Daura sent me this load of gluten-free beer earlier this year I thought, “They must think I’m a drunk.” While Daura Damm is not new on the scene, they did send me an entire case which means I’m going to give them a shout-out, as you do. As you can see in the devoured rib pic up there, I tried to showcase Daura with appropriate gluten-free meals. The thing is, when you start drinking beer, you may forget to take pictures. It’s just science. Still, here are some other ways I enjoyed Daura Damm—

gluten-free-beer IMG_0451


gluten-free-productsSo you have to cook your gluten-free in something, amiright? Why not go for a healthier version of your usual oil? That’s what the good folks at OmegaOil believe, and why it’s right up there on my spice/cooking oil shelf. Oh, you don’t have one of those? You should get one. A note—I prefer to use OmegaOil as part of a salad dressing or other flavoring. It’s one of those things like with the extra virgin vs. regular olive oil since they use oils such as flax, avocado, sunflower, chia and coconut. It’s got a more pure taste, and is better straight up with a lemon.

Tell me what products you’re digging! I’m always excited to hear about things that rock your gluten-free world.

3 thoughts on “How Many New Gluten-Free Products Are Out & About?

    • That time I used some gluten-free Pillsbury pre-made dough. I also have used a Bob’s Red Mill pie crust mix. I mean, any crust will do because it’s A BBQ PORK HAND PIE!!!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  1. FYI, there’s a newish brewery in the Miramar area of San Diego called Duck Foot. They use the same magical enzyme, and the beer is safe and awesome. I met a lot of celiac fans of them at a gluten free beer dinner (yes, you heard that right- I haven’t felt so normal dining out since my diagnosis), and they (and the CEO, who also has celiac disease) have no problems with it. Red ale. Porter. Saison! They haven’t done a stout yet and their attempt at a Hefeweizen couldn’t be brought below 100 ppm, but something other than lager and IPA for the win! You must try them when you’re in San Diego.

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