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It’s a (Gluten-Free) Pizza Hut Party!

gluten-free-pizza-hut-udisFriday night, just got paid. So what do you do with that hard earned cash? Hookers and blow? Oh hells, no. It’s pizza night!!!!!

At least that’s what happens when Udi’s, Pizza Hut, Netflix and Zevia* sodas team up to make my family super happy with a gluten-free pizza and a movie night. Well, mostly happy. The kids wanted to watch “Hercules” (the animated version) and the adults wanted to catch up on “Orange is the New Black.” We went full “Hercules” in case you were wondering. These guys were too cute to traumatize with any porn stash sightings.


One thing we did agree on is that it’s pretty nice to get gluten-free pizza delivered, and since it’s an Udi’s crust, you know they’re not just pretending there’s no gluten, and then shaking gluten all over your hot ‘za. We chowed down, kicked back on the couch and had a bang-up time. And you can too!

One note I must add. The disclaimer at Pizza Hut is important, and you must take it into consideration when dining in or out of the joint. It reads: While Pizza Hut is proud to offer menu items with gluten-free ingredients, Pizza Hut kitchens are not a gluten free environment. Pizza Hut kitchens are also not an allergen-free environment. Due to the handcrafted nature of our menu items, variations in vendor-supplied ingredients, and our use of shared cooking and preparation areas, we cannot assure you that our restaurant environment or any menu item will be completely free of gluten, nuts or any other allergens.

We all have very different comfort levels when it comes to dining out, so please make your own decisions. I enjoyed my pizza and my zero calorie soda, which helped the Udi’s brownie bites go down very nicely. You may choose to only indulge in Udi’s brownie bites and soda. No judgment.

Happy gluten-free weekend, everybody!!!!!

*These companies sent me the food, the drink and the entertainment for free, FYI. But I was not paid in any other fashion. Unless basking in the adulation of my children and their friends is payment. Which it is.

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