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Spooky Gluten-Free Halloween Treats From Last Year

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

Why is it that every holiday sneaks up on me like that fifth G&T by the pool? (Note: That’s not actually ever happened, only because I don’t have a pool.) This year it’s Halloween and instead of working out new and fun gluten-free treats, I’m relying on last year’s because Halloween ALSO crept up on me last year and I made these fun eats on Halloween, thus not posting them on my Internet.

I kind of suck at pre-holiday posts. Let’s just say it.

Luckily, these gluten-free spooky treats do not suck, and are super easy to make! Although, again, due to my procrastination, I don’t have an exact recipe for any of them (although most don’t need them) because I also can’t remember my inspiration/the Pinterest page/who told me to make these last year. But I’m confident I can walk you through each and every one and you will wow them on Saturday. GOOD LUCK.

Witch Brooms

gluten-free-halloweenCome on! We can all do this, right? It’s gluten-free pretzel sticks, individual Reese’s peanut butter cups that are special for Halloween. Stick it and forget it. Did I even need to write any of this? (Pro tip: Stick the pretzels in right before the party as by day 2 the pretzels start to get soft from being inside the peanut butter cup. Yuck.)

Vampire Teeth

gluten-free-halloween-treatsI remember last year buying Immaculate Baking Co’s gluten-free double fudge brownie frozen cookie dough to make these, but you could also just add 2/3 cup of cocoa powder to your regular gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe and go to town. It’s totes up to you. So, yeah, you make the cookies and allow them to cool. Whip up a buttercream frosting (I’ll usually half a recipe because you don’t need that much. So beat 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar with 1/2 cup butter, add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and 1 tablespoon milk, until smooth.) Add red food coloring a little bit at a time to create pink gum color. Set aside and allow to set for 10 minutes.

To assemble: Spread frosting thinly on one side of two cookies. Place marshmallows standing up on one cookie. Place other cookie on top. Add two almond slivers to the sides to create “fangs.” Voila!

Mummy Dogs

gluten-free-halloween-treatsI love these because dough is something we rarely have in our house since I’m all, “bread, schmed” these days. So it’s fun to have a little dough wrapped around a hot dog. Yes, I am easily entertained. I made a bread dough from a box last year (which is what I recommend, you don’t want to put too much time into this). To create hot dog “bodies” make 1/2″ cut on the bottom of the hot dog and separate into “legs.” About 1/4″ or less from the top, make a small cut downward on each side creating “arms.” Using a pastry bag or just a ziploc bag with a tiny cut in the corner, pipe your dough around the dogs to create a mummy effect. Bake at 375 for 10-15 minutes, checking once to make sure they are browning nicely. Serve with bloody ketchup or puss-like mustard.

Happy safe and gluten-free Halloween, everybody!

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